Fast crop drying with three flexible, Wide-Dry™ conditioning choices

The Discbine® 209 and Discbine® 210 harvest crops quickly and produce nutritious, high-value feed using your choice of conditioning systems. Both models give you the choice of gentle, effective conditioning with rubber chevron-intermeshing or LeaningEdge™ flail tines for fast grass hay drying. The model Discbine 210 offers the added choice of steel chevron-intermeshing rolls.

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Adapt to changing conditions and seasons

Every New Holland conditioning system gives you flexibility to tailor conditioning intensity to match your crop needs, with performance that has been validated by independent university review. From the adjustable torsion-bar roll-pressure system to easy flail tine conditioning adjustments, New Holland provides haymakers with the right conditioner and level of intensity for fast drying and high retained forage quality.

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Superior drydown and non-stop mowing

New Holland rolls provide uniform stem crushing and cracking that speeds drying. The unique and proven torsion-bar system delivers constant roll pressure that balances pressure across the rolls for even conditioning. And, crop slugs won’t slow you down because a release mechanism momentarily reduces roll pressure to allow slugs and obstructions to pass automatically for non-stop mowing.

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Adjust conditioning intensity at a single point without tools

Since adjusting to crops and conditions is essential for consistent conditioning, New Holland makes adjustment as simple as it gets with a turn of a crank at a single location. No need to make adjustments at both sides. No wrenches needed.

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Gentle handling of leaves with chevron rubber intermeshing rolls

With spring moisture, early-season crops present challenging drying conditions. For delicate grass, clover, and alfalfa crops, gentle New Holland chevron rubber intermeshing rolls offer you the greatest versatility. The rubber compound helps to grip slick crops and the broad chevron lugs scuff, crush, and crimp stems, quickly releasing stem moisture for faster drydown. An independent university study concludes chevron rubber rolls produce faster-drying alfalfa swaths in both first and second crops when compared with steel rolls or flail tine systems.

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For abrasive conditions, choose more durable steel rolls (Discbine® 210 only)

You’ll get extended wear from New Holland chevron all-steel intermeshing rolls. The aggressive steel lug design is ideal for tall robust stemmed grasses, heavy forage crops, and even sorghum. The pointed steel roll lugs grip these difficult crops then smoothly feed them, crimping and cracking the stem. In the most difficult crops and field conditions, the all-steel roll design resists abrasion while providing effective conditioning to speed drying.

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Faster drying of grass crops with LeaningEdge™ flail tines

Grass hay producers know that crushing and crimping fine stem grass is a real challenge. For fast drying of coastal and other fine grass, the New Holland LeaningEdge™ flail tine conditioning system pushes crop against an adjustable hood that scuffs wax away. Crop receives even more scuffing action since the flail tines are angled rearward to create more outward crop pressure against the hood. You can adjust the conditioning hood position with a single crank and use the provided crop-conditioning gauge to see the relative hood position.

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Designed for fast drying and reliable conditioning

You can expect well-formed, fast-drying, windrows or swaths using the LeaningEdge flail tine system. Crop flows smoothly because tines are prevented from overswinging like a fixed tine when crop is released. For protection, the tines are free to swing back to allow obstructions to pass.

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Perfectly shaped wide swaths or windrows to match your drying needs

The full-width swath board and two swath doors allow you to create fast-drying wide swaths, well-shaped, three-foot-wide windrows, or any setting in between. If conditions are right, New Holland Wide-Dry™ conditioners let you choose a fast drying wide swath, or switch to a smooth windrow if conditions change.

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