Get mowing fast

New Holland’s standard Discbine 209 and 210 hitches attach fast with a traditional hitch pin, PTO shaft, a lighting plug and always just two remotes. NO complicated hitch extensions here. When the sun shines it’s time to make hay, so hook up and get to mowing.

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Mow quickly with confidence

Unlike other disc mower-conditioner designs, the Discbine 209 and 210 tongues each pivot at the side of the trail frame. When mowing quickly, the design allows operators to maintain a clear line of sight to the machine to monitor cutting and look out for dangers in the hay.

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Headland turns, expertly mown

Simple headland turns and well-shaped, clean-cut corners are standard with every New Holland Discbine model. Productivity means saving time at every step and the curved tongue of the Discbine 210 offers exceptional tire clearance through the tightest headland turns for expertly mown corners. The constant velocity driveline provides chatter-free turns and the curved tongue design maintains the driveline angle as straight as possible while mowing, reducing driveline wear and tear.

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Worry-free turning as sharp as you want

Every farm has those small fields, triangles or areas that are just plain odd. Every acre counts so take the stress out of difficult turns with the optional swivel hitch for Discbine 210 models. Compared to traditional hitches that pivot on the drawbar, the pivoting action of a swivel hitch is moved rearward, behind the PTO at the swivel gearbox. No matter how sharp the turn, the PTO will remain straight which virtually eliminates PTO wear, and there is never risk of a collision between the PTO and tractor lift arm. This high-reliability swivel hitch option is available with your choice of drawbar or two-point attachment.

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