Mow fast and dry fast–bale sooner

When the weather forecast is just right, it’s time to mow. Often the perfect haymaking window threatens to close without warning. You can’t control the weather but you can choose the tools that help you work quickly. Discbine® models with the MowMax™ disc cutterbar offer fast mowing and smooth uniform crop flow to the conditioner that can help open your haymaking window.

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Uniform crop flow delivers consistent conditioning and fast drying

When pairs of MowMax discs turn toward one another, they cut then swiftly move mown crop to the wide New Holland conditioning system. This fast, uniform crop flow results in more uniform conditioning, and well-distributed, fast-drying swaths. Other designs feature discs that rotate toward the center of the machine, throwing crop forward and moving it toward the center of the machine. These designs often result in more crop passing through the center part of the conditioner, leading to less consistent conditioning and swath formation, which can slow drying.

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Reliability when it’s time to mow

The MowMax™ disc cutterbar stands apart from many others because it is designed to resist damage and minimize downtime even when the worst happens. The MowMax cutterbar uses sealed disc gearboxes, each with an independent oil sump, so it’s impossible for a loose gear tooth to damage adjacent modules. While others claim a modular disc system, their gear cases are segmented and the assembly shares a common or interconnected oil sump, allowing the possibility of internal damage to affect adjacent segments.

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Your peace of mind is part of the design

Not only does the MowMax™ cutterbar slice smoothly through difficult crops, it gives you the security that comes from built-in impact protection and simple maintenance.

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Expect the unexpected. Never let it slow you down.

Uneven ground and unexpected field obstacles are a fact of life, but there’s no need to worry because Discbine mower-conditioners feature New Holland’s ShockPRO™ disc drive hubs. They protect disc drive modules before damage occurs and are quick to replace if needed. Here’s how it works: when a disc encounters an obstruction, the partially splined hub is designed to shear, protecting the cutterbar drive. The shearing action is external of the module oil sump, with no risk of contamination. A stack of washers acts like a slip clutch to assure reliable positive drive and keeps everything firmly fitted to prevent damage to adjacent discs, giving you time to stop and replace the single, damaged hub with minimum cost and interruption.

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Reliable and strong protection starts out front

New Holland rock guards absorb and dissipate the force of a direct collision from their position just ahead of the discs. Their heavyduty, ductile cast-iron construction means they will not bend or distort with repeated impacts for continued cutterbar protection. As the cutterbar moves over the ground, the suspension system protects the cutterbar by allowing the header to move up and back, absorbing impacts. As the header raises, the weight remains relatively unchanged, protecting the head through its working range.

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Cleanly cut all of your crop, even over uneven terrain

The Discbine header closely follows changing ground contours since it is suspended independently from the trail frame, so you get clean, smooth cutting, with reduced stubble damage and skid shoe wear.

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Respond to changes with full control of cutting height and angle

You can tip the header back on-the-fly to protect the knives using the standard Discbine 210 hydraulic header tilt. It’s integrated into the lift circuit, without the need for a third remote. The hydraulic cylinder first tips the head back before lifting the head. When conditions improve, place the tractor’s remote valve into the float position and the head will automatically resume your preset height. The hydraulic header tilt option is also available for Discbine 209 without the need for a third remote.

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Set the height you like

It’s easy to set cutting height using the provided travel-limiting pin (standard on Discbine 210, optional on Discbine 209). For the highest cut height, insert the pin into the rearmost hole. For the low setting, remove the pin and store it on the cylinder, and the head moves through the full tilt range. While many competitors use turnbuckles that can rust and seize, the Discbine travellimiting, four-position pin means haymakers can quickly set their cutting height to crops and conditions. For the best performance, operate headland lift in the float position, and the head tips back to adapt to terrain.

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No-hassle access that saves time

Heavy-duty steel shielding protects the operator during use, yet it opens wide with the tongue in any position and latches open to reveal nearly the full width of the cutterbar. That makes periodic maintenance like blade changing even easier. The front steel hood is fitted with a poly impact liner that resists dents, so your mower keeps looking good. Others may claim large, wide-opening hoods but you’ll find they don’t compare to the accessibility of a genuine Discbine® disc mower-conditioner.

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