You can depend on rugged DuraDisc™ disc mowers to slice through tough conditions and mow smoothly and quickly.
Choose from three mounted models:

• DuraDisc™ 107M - 5 discs - 6’8” cutting width
• DuraDisc™ 108M - 6 discs - 7’10” cutting width
• DuraDisc™ 109M - 7 discs - 9’2” cutting width

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Built-in convenience to save you time and effort

Every bit of time you save during hay season is like money in the bank. New Holland disc mowers are quick-hitch compatible so it’s fast and simple to switch between implements. It’s also quick and easy to keep knives sharp and maintain the best cut quality.

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With the standard QuickMax™ knife change system, changing a dull or damaged blade takes less time than getting out of the tractor, so there’s no excuse not to stay sharp. A special knife tool makes it easy to flip an entire set of knives or quickly change a damaged knife either in the field on in the shop. A convenient tool storage location is provided onboard your DuraDisc mower for fast access.

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Easy service and adjustments

Two cutting edges on each knife provide twice the cutting life. Standard QuickMax™ knives allow you to flip or replace knives easily from the front of the cutterbar. Mounted disc mowers feature an exclusive V-belt tension spring with an easy-to-see tension indicator so you can check belt tension at a glance. Adjusting tension is easy too. There are no shields to remove. All it takes is a turn of a nut. Left- and right-hand swathboards are available to allow for swath width adjustment.

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Transportation made easy

When you’re ready to hit the road, use remote hydraulics to raise the DuraDisc Series mounted mowers to a locked vertical transport position. A removable parking jack stand and convenient onboard storage location are provided on both mounted and pull-type models.

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