Durability, clean cutting, less downtime

You can depend on rugged DuraDisc™ disc mowers to slice through tough conditions and mow smoothly and quickly.

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Fast, smooth mowing with the MowMax™ cutterbar

DuraDisc disc mowers give you the advantages and latest advances of the New Holland MowMax™ true modular cutterbar, including:

Closer cutting
• The low-profile rock guards allow for closer cutting at a flatter cutting angle.
• Stepped module spacers improve the straightness of the cutterbar, allowing it to run more lightly and smoothly for consistent cut height, more uniform flotation and less wear.

Extended durability
• The top cap bearing fits securely to the housing to extend bearing life.
• Dampeners on the hardened alloy module drive shafts eliminate vibration wear.
• Strong top cap gear and the ShockPRO™ hub design prevents internal cutterbar damage if there is impact from a foreign object.

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SHOCKPRO™ hubs keep you mowing and protect your investment

Replaceable, economical ShockPRO hubs help keep you mowing with minimum downtime and repair costs. They protect the entire cutterbar driveline if the machine encounters a field obstruction by absorbing the shock of the impact before damage can occur to expensive drive components. If necessary, these hubs can be replaced in the field in less than 10 minutes, at minimal cost.

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A reliable, true modular design

Even when cutting on slopes, you don’t need to worry about an oil starvation issue because each disc module is an individually sealed gear case with a dedicated oil reservoir. The gears stay fully lubricated and work reliably. If an internal component ever fails, there’s no chance that a broken piece can circulate in the oil bath and damage other modules. And, each gear case is connected with independent, hardened alloy drive shafts, not a single-piece drive shaft that can twist or shear. When routine maintenance is required, it’s fast and inexpensive.

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Cleaner mowing with time-saving QuickMax™ knife change system

Sharp knives give you the clean cut you want, with less crop left behind. Keeping knives sharp is faster and more convenient than ever with the QuickMax knife change system. It’s standard equipment on all DuraDisc mowers. A special knife tool makes it easy to flip an entire set of knives or quickly change a damaged knife either in the field on in the shop. A convenient tool storage location is provided onboard your DuraDisc mower for fast access.

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