Increased productivity with built-in confidence

The New Holland heavy-duty DuraDisc™ 210M pull-type disc mower combines the benefits of a wide 10-foot, four-inch cut with easy hookup and a low horsepower requirement.

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The next level of disc mower productivity

You’ll appreciate the smooth operation and maneuverability of the DuraDisc 210M. The 540-rpm PTO driveline features an 80-degree constant velocity joint for smooth, quiet operation and tight turning. A secondary CV driveline option allows you to “steer” around field obstacles on the fly.

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Clean cutting with in-field flotation

You get close, even cutting in uneven terrain with the DuraDisc 210M. The header is suspended from the main frame of the machine with large flotation springs that allow the header to float both vertically and laterally to cut close, but prevent damage and bulldozing in challenging conditions. You can adjust the flotation spring tension easily by turning the anchor bolts.

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Wide cutting and wide swaths for fast drying

Wheels are located inboard of the cutting edge to eliminate run-down of uncut crop. Crop deflectors direct the cut crop inside the tire path and into a wide 95-inch swath.

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Proper cut quality the fast, simple way with Quick-Max™

Maintain a smooth, uniform cut quality by keeping knives sharp with the QuickMax™ knife change system. The special knife tool stored onboard the DuraDisc 210M lets you change bent or dull knives fast and get back to mowing. The QuickMax quick change knife tool and removable toolbox are attached to the right-hand side of the tongue for your convenience.

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Save time with simple attachment and narrow transport

Tractor hookup is easy. Simply drop in the pin, hook up the PTO and three hydraulic hoses. Hydraulic tongue swing allows you to power the machine from transport to operating position and back. The right-hand end shield flips up for a narrow 10-foot, 10-inch transport width. The left-hand shield can swing open for additional cutterbar access.

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