Single-side raking, “V” raking or windrow turning

ProCart rakes allow you to rake any way you choose. You can rake with either side, turn over damp windrows, or select “V” raking with a quick turn of the hydraulic lock valves.

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On-the-go raking angle and width control

With standard electro-hydraulic control of working width and rake arm angle, ProCart Plus rakes allow you to build the perfect windrow for your baler or harvester, and make fine-tune adjustments — right from the tractor seat — to handle changes in crop type, cutting, or varying conditions.

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Smoother ground following with tandem axles

Tandem axles provide additional stability and a smooth ride over rough terrain like pivot irrigation and wheel tracks.

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A choice of models

The New Holland family of ProCart wheel rakes gives you plenty of choices, from the handy eight-wheel 819 that rakes up to 18 feet wide to the 14-wheel 1428 Plus that rakes up to 28 feet wide.

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