Cleaner raking with independent rake wheel flotation

Individual floating rake wheels follow ground contours independently to gather every bit of the swath to cause less stubble damage compared to rakes with tandem-mounted rake wheels. Suspended by an adjustable compression spring, each rake wheel can be adjusted to your crop and field conditions for the cleanest possible raking.

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The flexibility of flip-up front rake wheels

(1022 /1225 /1428 Plus)

You can raise the leading rake wheel on each beam and lock it out of the work position to adapt to changing crop conditions. When working in heavy crops like first cuttings, raise the front rake wheel, or for lighter, late-season cuttings, lower the front rake wheel into raking position. This added flexibility allows you to produce the ideal windrow size for your baler or harvester, no matter the season or crop conditions.

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Choice of 55” or 60” raking wheels

With ProCart Plus premium rakes, you can opt for larger 60-inch raking wheels with 40 teeth per wheel (and thick 7.5-mm tines) for additional overlap and increased strength for raking in extremely heavy crops. Larger-diameter rake wheels also turn more slowly which provides gentle handling of the crop while forming a windrow.

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Turn more hay with optional center kicker wheel

The hay at the center of the swath typically remains unraked. Fluff it with the center kicker wheel(s), which moves and turns hay for faster, more even crop drying and easier pickup by the baler. A single center kicker wheel (shown to left) is available on ProCart 819/1022/1225 models and a two wheel kit (shown to right) is available for ProCart Plus models.

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