Over the past 15 years, New Holland LM telehandlers have delivered an unrivalled mix of performance, dependability and affordability. With the latest LM series, enhanced performance and economy are matched to improved comfort and reduced operating costs. The New Generation, five model range, consisting of the LM6.32, LM7.35, LM9.35 and LM6.35 Elite and LM7.42 Elite models, feature a new exceptionally strong boom and chassis, new engine and new transmissions. The very latest cab sets a benchmark for low noise and comfort. Purpose developed for those seeking a smaller handler, the compact, LM5.25 and LM6.28 have been updated with new engines, new styling and a revised cab.

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Standard LM handlers are rated at 110hp(CV) and deliver up to 121hp(CV). Elite models develop a rated 129hp(CV) and a maximum 143hp(CV). Previous LM models developed 120hp(CV) maximum. Compact LM models develop 75 and 101hp(CV). The latest LM series have enhanced productivity and economy. The New Generation LM range is the product of years of development, investment and listening to customer feedback.

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New Holland has established its leadership in looking after the operator. The Standard and Elite LM range feature a new cab design that offers improved comfort, noise suppression and visibility over the previous generation. The compact range has new instruments and controls for enhanced ergonomics, with all LM models benefitting from enhanced air conditioning systems.

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Predecessor LM5000 telehandlers have a proven dependability record and high build quality, ensuring firm residual values. The all-new Standard and Elite telehandlers feature a newly designed, twin U shaped robot welded boom, that is extremely rigid and durable. The H shaped ladder chassis has massive torsional strength and is engineered to operate in the most demanding applications. New Holland has invested in a new dedicated LM production line between 2012 and 2013.

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Downtime is the enemy of productivity, but with a telehandler, downtime can also lead to livestock not getting fed, grain not being loaded and bales not getting cleared before the weather breaks. All LM telehandlers are engineered to minimise the need for routine maintenance for optimised dependability. Daily checks and routine care has been simplified, making it easier to look after the handler between its extended 600-hour service intervals.

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