Standard Optional
Toolbar Width, ft (m)
Transport height, ft (m)
Transport width, ft (m)
Road-to-opener Clearance, in (cm)
Weight 7.5 " spacing (empty), lbs (kg)
Weight 10 " spacing (empty), lbs (kg)
Length w/ rear hitch (pin to pin), in (m)
Available Spacing, in (cm)
Split rank capability, in (cm)
Number of row units 7.5" spacing
Number of row units 10" spacing
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 7.5" spacing*
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 10" spacing*
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 7.5" spacing with air cart*
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 10" spacing with air cart*
Fold Type
Wing Sections
Tires total
Center section walking beam castor tires
Rear mainframe dual walking beam tire size
Inner and outer wings walking beam castor tire size
Operating Speed mph (kph)
Hitch Type
Ground following design
Row unit travel from level surface, in (cm)
Wing flex
Disks, in (cm)
Depth settings, in (cm)
Down pressure adjustment
Closing wheel variable packing pressure, lbs (kg)
Standard in-cab down pressure control, lbs (kg)
Hydraulic requirements, gpm (lpm)
Hydraulic system
Tow between/behind air cart capacity, bushels (l)
Mounted Seed tank capacity, bushels (l)
Mounted tank
Display system
Sectional control
Blockage Monitoring
Optional equipment
High floatation tire option
Hydraulic work switch
Weight bracket
Meter roll selection (extra fine, fine, coarse)
Auxiliary rear hitch
4-section metering with overlap control
Cross tillage hydraulic package
GPS speed sensor
Split-rank header insert, 7.5” (19.1 cm)
Primary run blockage
Secondary run (all run) blockage hydraulic work switch
1/2 width sectional control on air cart
Extended wear air package

* Additional horsepower is required to tow and operate the air cart. Minimum requirements are a starting point only and should be increased based on operating conditions in the field, road transport conditions, and other implements that are used with the drill. See product brochure for full specifications and options.

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