A basic air delivery system consists of an air cart, a series of hoses called an air distribution system and a seeding tool. The air cart directs the right amount of air and product into the distribution system, which in turn carries product to the seeding tool. Because different farmers have different needs, Flexi-Coil allows you to place up to four separate distribution systems on the seeding tool. With one system you can single-shoot. With two, you can single- or double-shoot.

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Flexi-Coil’s renowned air delivery helps ensure seed, fertiliser and other products are placed simply and precisely. Our air carts direct the right amount of air and product into the distribution system, which in turn carries product to the seeding tool. Flexi-Coil allows you to place up to two separate distribution systems on the seeding tool.
SINGLE-SHOOT allows you to apply product from multiple tanks together in a single air stream for application in one location. For two bins, fertiliser and seed are combined, for three or four bins multiple products can be blended together into a single-shoot application.
DOUBLE-SHOOT means placing products separately in two locations, such as deep banding fertiliser and placing seed separately, via two separate air streams. Paired row is another example of fertiliser placed below two paired rows of seed.

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Quick fill and greater tank capacity on the 4460 to 9560 models means you can fill up fast and seed for longer between fills. Choose capacities from 12,234 litres to a huge 33,477 litres for larger farms and make fewer stops to ensure you get the job done efficiently. Full poly tanks are corrosion resistant with two, three or four tank models available. Small seeds tank is a steel tank mounted between two front poly tanks, and is ideal for canola. Rate accuracy is assured with bin level and tank pressure sensors with alarms designed to alert the operator of any air leaks. In-tank and rear-view cameras are also standard equipment. A tank full notification is standard to alert the operator during the tank filling process. This allows ground level monitoring of the fill process and allows responsive shutoff of the product flow without having to quickly move up and down the air cart staircase. The mounted auger or conveyor is easily operated by one person, for quick filling and emptying of the air cart. The deluxe auger or conveyor is standard with handheld remote control. Quick fill conveyor is standard equipment on 5560, 5860, 7660 and 9560, and can fill in 10 minutes or less.

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Flexi-Coil’s innovative EZ Flow head system promotes simple and accurate seed distribution. The internal vein system carefully directs seed or fertiliser into the secondary hoses from the EZ Flow head, while the unique air delivery system ensures products like seed and fertiliser are delivered efficiently therefore minimising damage and clumping.

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Flexi-Coil’s 60 series air carts provide true section control – a new feature. With increased control, you can save on seed and fertiliser for a new level of efficiency. FlexRate™ sectional control means you can individually control up to 10 sections of the seed tool ensuring you put the seed where you intend, reducing overlap, when utilising auto overlap feature (note task controller required for auto overlap control and prescription seeding). Every Flexi-Coil air cart is designed to provide accurate metering and efficient operation. The patented FlexRate Modular Metering System™ features independent 24 volt electric drive motor for each individual run, with integrated controls for single or double-shoot product application. Two independent air systems, each with its own fan for increased air capacity, allows for seamless double shooting. Configuration can also be set up for single shoot.

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With clever engineering and a variety of flexible options, Flexi-Coil air carts are perfectly matched to your needs. Variable rate metering makes it easy to set and vary product rates right from the tractor seat. Versatility is built in, so you can choose the roller segment from either full width, half width or narrow to suit the seed size and or rate of the seed and fertiliser.

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Flexi-Coil air carts are built with accessibility, safety and versatility in mind. The new 60 series features large tank openings, low-profile lids, offset platform and folding staircase for fast access, easy filling and emptying. An internal tank ladder is included for inspections, and cart top railings fold down for storage and transport. Work lights for night time operation and transport lights with beacons for road travel add to the operator’s safety.

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A quick fill conveyor system with wireless remote control is standard on 5560, 5860, 7660 and 9560 models. A small seeds tank on models 4660, 5860, 7660 and 9560 now features a pneumatic fill system using smooth air flow for efficient ground level filling. Bin fill indicator lights are now standard on all carts. (Note: 3560: auger or conveyor currently not available).

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Quad wheel configuration with front steerable axle is standard on all tow-behind air carts, providing superior flotation and stability in all terrains. The CNH Industrial brake system design which is standard equipment on 7660 and 9560 carts is superior in performance, utilising proportional control. Proportional brake control is based on the deceleration rate of a vehicle, which means that whether your cart is empty or full, you always get the required braking forcewhen activated.

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