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PRESCRIPTION MAPPING Compatibility is built in with the FlexControl III system, so you can manage harvester information your way. It works with almost any GPS receiver or guidance system on the market and prescription maps can be created using New Holland PLM software that comes standard with harvesters. This software can also take other types of prescription maps and convert them for use in Flexi-Coil variable rate air carts and can be used to manage all yield mapping, guidance data, spatial mapping, prescription maps, farm maps, logging files across CNH Industrial equipment platforms and most other Brands.

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The work switch turns the implement and prescription logging on and off when making headland turns or when implements are raised or lowered. This ensures no loss of product, accurate data recording and improved operator reliability.

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You know which areas of your field could be managed better by applying different rates, populations or seed varieties. And you know that keeping a close eye on inputs and making informed decisions will help you make every seed count. FlexControl electronics helps you get the most from your land by making it easier for you to seed and fertilise where you need to and how you need to, lets you take full advantage of variable rate metering and keeps you informed about the performance of your seeding system.

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The new FlexControl IV+ onboard display allows you to monitor and control Flexi-Coil air seeders, compatible tractors and combines, guidance systems and other ISO11783-compliant implements, right from the vehicle’s cab. It’s a 10.4 inch (26 cm) colour display that gives you easy access to essential information including ground speed, fuel usage (on compatible tractors) and seeding rates. Adjustments can be made on-the-go to maximise efficiency.

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FlexControl IV+ turns the simple monitor and control tool into an on-board computer, with a Linux-based operating system. Software can be upgraded or changed so the system can continue to help you achieve great results with new software innovations. Some of the FlexControl IV+’s features include: USB connection ports; video connection points to allow video input; and an Ethernet port for future web browsing capability.

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• ISO11783 – Virtual Terminal (Virtual Terminal software required)
• Automatic Overlap Control – task controller plus GPS input required (not standard)
- reduces overlap applying and savings on input costs
• Fan speed and ground speed monitoring
• Bin pressure - ensures operator knows bins are pressurised
• On-the-go seeding rate adjustment with sensors for:
- Bin depth - Track tank level via ultrasonic bin level sensors
- Plus cameras for each bin and one on rear
- Rate control and sectional control
- Plus bin full indicator lights for filling from ground level to alert operator bins are full
• Air cart diagnostics
• Acre or hectare recording
• Estimated time remaining for each tank
• Precision Farming and As-Applied software (Task Controller software required)
- Grower, Farm, Field, Task filing structure
- Coverage area mapping
- Summary data
• As-Applied mapping of up to seven different individual products
• Prescription (Rx) controlled product application
• The latest FlexControl IV+ is standard on all Flexi-Coil air carts
• Calibration wizard - to make calibrating quick and easy (user friendly)

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