Baler Automation Solutions

Baler Automation Solutions


IntelliCruise™ allows the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor

Charge control
• Tractor speed is adapted to achieve optimum capacity.
• The time needed to fill the feeder channel and stuffer sensor paddles is used as an indication how much crop yield is going into the bale at each stuffer stroke.
• Functionality: algorithm uses (existing) feeder channel trip sensor input (charge sensor).

Slice control:
• Tractor speed is adapted based on slice thickness. The system will strive to obtain a user defined amount of slices.
• Functionality: algorithm uses electronic bale length encoder input (bale length sensor).
• Availability: All Big Baler units with electronic bale length kit.

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IntelliBale automates the tractor stop, bale wrap and tailgate raise & lower functions on New Holland round balers. For balers equipped with ISOBUS electronics, an optional feature can be activated in the baler software to provide automated control of the baling cycle:
• Stopping of the tractor will be done automatically when target bale size is reached.
• Baler tailgate will raise and lower automatically to eject the wrapped bale.

After ejecting the completed bale, the operator only needs to move the tractor shuttle lever to forward position (or push the Shuttle Forward button on multi-function. handle), which will start the tractor moving and return to desired baling speed. Netwrap will be applied automatically to the bale. The Automation option is compatible with New Holland tractors that also have ISOBUS Class 3 capability.

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Precise Additive Application

All New Holland BigBalers can be equipped with precise additive application systems which interface with the on-board moisture sensors to deliver the precise amount of crop additive to guarantee quality.

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