Forage Cruiser Automation Solutions


Forage Cruiser Automation Solutions


IntelliFill : Let Your FR Fill the Trailer for you

Operating a forage harvester requires extensive experience and a high level of concentration. For maximum focus on crop flow and in-field progress, the ingenious 3D camera-based IntelliFill™ system automatically detects the trailer edge and monitors filling. Whatever the trailer size or shape, it automatically controls the spout movement to perfectly fill right to the trailer’s edges without spillages.

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The working principle is that a potentiometer continuously monitors the front feed roll opening. When an instant acceleration of the feed rolls is recorded the software will instantly stop the HydroLoc™ system. The sensor components are located outside on the left hand side of the feed roll module. When RockAlert™ is de-activated by the operator, the system will still monitor feed roll movement and when an object is detected, a popup in the display will show “Stone missed”.

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The FR now features revolutionary ActiveLoc™ technology. Real time moisture sensing is used in combination with pre-set chop length parameters to control the length of the chop depending on moisture content. This increases clamp density as well as improving silage quality for an enhanced nutritional profile.

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Precise Additive Application

All New Holland Foragers can be equipped with precise additive application systems which interface with the on-board moisture sensors to deliver the precise amount of crop additive to guarantee quality.

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