XCN Series Display


XCN Series Display



The XCN series of displays provide a solution for customers who wish to equip their legacy or mixed fleet vehicles with a Precision Farming solution. Each of the display's features and user interfaces are built on the well known Android™ operating system. The display series is available in three display display sizes:
• XCN-2050 - 12.1 inch
• XCN-1050 - 10.1 inch
• XCN-750 - 7 inch

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The ultra-wide XCN-2050™ display is a high definition display, with multi-touch operation and features an easy to use interface

It has a 12.1 inch wide-screen display that has been designed to ensure full integration with advanced PLM technology including but not limited to:
• Autoguidance
• Implement Steering
• ISOBUS rate and section control
• Field IQ rate and section control
• Yield & moisture sensing

The Precision IQ app software delivers fast, fluid, and smooth performance across all precision farming applications. Split screen functionality enables the display to be setup so an ISOBUS implement and guidance operation can be monitored simulataneously on the same screen.
The XCN-2050™ display can be fitted to a range of machines, and integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery with an Autopilot guidance system.

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XCN-1050 Display

The XCN-1050™  Display operates with the same Precision IQ application used on the larger XCN-2050™ display but utilizes  technology such as WiFi & Bluetooth to help significantly reduce the number of cables in the cab. Compatibility with the NAV-900 guidance controller also results in less components in the cab enabling easy installation and providing a clutter free cab.
It has a 10 inch touch Display with slim profile and bezel, is easier to read while taking up less cab space.
The XCN-1050™ display can be fitted to a range of machines, and integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery with an Autopilot guidance system.
Compatibility with ISO or CAN based steering systems makes the XCN-1050 a very flexible solution and is a great option for customers who need to be able to transfer the system between the tractors and combines in their fleet.

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XCN-750™ Display

Combining easy installation, cost-effectiveness and great functionalities, the XCN-750™ Display makes precision farming more accessible. The latest Android™ based, easy-to-use display provides access to autosteering and application control for every farm. Add Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity with ISOBUS compatibility, and you’ll be ready for any challenge!

• 7” (17,8cm) high-definition color touch-screen display
• Android-based operating system
• Rugged construction for everyday field use
• Compatible with NAV-500 & NAV-900 guidance controllers
• ISOBUS task controller & universal terminal
• Control up to 2 channels & 24 sections

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