NH 372 Receiver

NH 372 Receiver



The NH 372 Receiver is the top-of-the-line receiver compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations. It is fully compatible with DGPS correction sources such as:
• RangePoint RTX
• CentrePoint RTX

For RTK applications, the correction can be delivered via a radio signal to the slim-profile radio mounted underneath the receiver or more commonly via NTRIP to a modem in the vehicle using the local cell network.

This receiver is easily combined with the IntelliView IV display, to make your vehicle complete with IntelliSteer, New Holland's integrated guidance systems.

The NH 372 receiver can easily be transferred from tractor to tractor or even to your combine or forager enabling you to take advantage of the benefits across your whole fleet and for each farming season. One common example is to use the receiver on your combine or forager to supplement data from the yield and moisture sensor, enabling you to map the data with GPS location in a yield or moisture map. The receiver can be configured to output GPS position in NMEA protocol, a widely used communication protocol, enabling the receiver to be connected to most precision farming displays in the market.

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