EnoControl™ System


In order to get the most out of every square inch of field, a full range of crop management solutions are available. Variable rate and section control enable you to maximise yields and reduce costly over and underlaps. Yield monitoring, available on combine and forage harvesters means you can see just how productive your fields are, and when combined with PLM software, you can counteract areas of lower yields. Advanced moisture monitoring technology enables the precise amount of additive application when foraging, baling or combining, and it also enables you to precisely calculate drying costs.

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Precision farming has been engineered by design into the TC, CX5000, CX6000, CX Elevation, CR combines, the FR forage harvester series to provide you with real-time information to maximise both crop and equipment performance.
• Permanently record your yield in precise locations and store it for future reference.
• Constantly analyse real-time moisture information to ensure your crop is always harvested in peak condition.
• Prepare application maps for accurate, site-specific fertilising, seeding and spraying in relation to actual yields to increase your profits.

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EnoControl™ grape harvesters read pre-prepared harvesting maps in real time to sort grapes of differing qualities into two different hoppers to ensure that only the finest grapes make the finest wines. Part of the premium viticulture strategy, you can be sure to increase your profits. Furthermore, these maps can be used to control inputs to bring uniformity to yields and to manage costly inputs. FORCE-A’s award winning Multiplex® anthocyanin sensor enables you to access real time grape maturity information on Braud 9000 machines.

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Autopilot™, Autosense™, CenterPoint™, EZ-Guide®, EZ-Steer™, EZ-Remote™, EZ-Pilot™ , Field-IQ™, OnPath®, TrueTracker™, TrueGuide™,T2™ and T3™ are trademarks of Trimble® Navigation Limited registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and other countries.

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