Autopilot™ system

Meeting Your Precision Requirements

Autopilot™ system


New Holland offers a range of autoguidance solutions to meet your needs, from entry-level manual guidance, via assisted guidance right through to top of the range fully integrated autoguidance which effectively manages the machine for you. These solutions can be matched to a range of correction signals, from sub 20cm right down to sub 2.5cm absolute accuracy depending on your needs. You might be thinking what about my implement? Well, New Holland offers solutions for its entire range of tractor, harvesting, and crop management equipment, including all implements!

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IntelliSteer is a fully integrated New Holland designed and developed Automatic Steering System. Available from the factory or as a retrofit package, the IntelliSteer® system maximises productivity and efficiency to optimise your yields and to increase your profits. Matching DGPS or RTK Technology to fully integrated control, IntelliSteer helps ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy of up to 2.5cm. IntelliSteer is the natural choice for precision work in even the most demanding conditions and it has been designed to dramatically enhance operator performance and comfort. Furthermore, this can be linked to Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) applications.

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The Autopilot™ automated steering system, when used with an RTK signal, will give +/-2.5cm repeatability in all field tasks, from planting to harvesting and following any in-field pattern. The Autopilot™ system can be integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery, and it uses the machine’s electro hydraulic circuit to provide automatic guidance. This retrofit solution will significantly increase your efficiency during field preparation, planting and harvesting as you’ll be able to drive more accurately and consistently during extended periods behind the wheel.

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The T3™ Terrain Compensation system uses sensors to calculate and correct the roll, pitch and yaw of the machine to help minimise skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain and rough ground.

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Autopilot™, Autosense™, CenterPoint™, EZ-Guide®, EZ-Steer™, EZ-Remote™, EZ-Pilot™ , Field-IQ™, OnPath®, TrueTracker™, TrueGuide™,T2™ and T3™ are trademarks of Trimble® Navigation Limited registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and other countries.

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