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The FR can be specified with a wide range of tyres to suit your individual needs. Full compatibility with super-tall 710/70R42 tyres, as well as super wide 900/60R38 tyres mean that strict transport restrictions are met, whilst a large in-field footprint is maintained for reduced compaction and enhanced traction. Dual wheels can also be fitted.

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The FR’s compact design and impressive 55° steering angle give it a turning circle of a mere 6.1m. This means smaller headlands for less time turning and more time harvesting. Furthermore, the tapered rear design ensures the forager itself perfectly follows its rear wheels with zero overhang, making manoeuvring and parking even easier.

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The FR’s ultra-long 3.2m wheelbase ensures ultimate stability in the field and on the road. The four segmented 250kg counterweights prevent bouncing during high speed road transport when the header is still attached. High ground clearance, up to a full 14cm more than the competition, prevents grounding and sinking when working in muddy, marginal conditions in which the standard diff. lock is your invaluable partner to keep you going. Operations that work in the most extreme conditions, and who are looking for year round foraging performance, will benefit from 100% mechanical four wheel drive option.

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