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EVEN HIGHER BALE DENSITY Bale chamber is extended by 31.5 inches or 31% for up to 10% higher bale density.
SOFTER BALE DROP The longer bale chamber also means bales exit the bale chute closer to the ground for gentler bale drop and less concern about twine breakage.
EASIER CLEANING A larger platform allows for easier cleaning of the sides of the baler.
THE RIGHT MODEL FOR YOU With the choice of three bale sizes with available crop processing and tire/axle combinations for any terrain, you’ll find a model that’s ideal for your needs.

Professional baling from New Holland.

New Holland has led the big baler segment for over 25 years, introducing a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised big baling throughout the world. Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops and all farms. Hay and forage operations’, straw contractors’, biomass business’ and large scale arable farmers’ will be won over by the new Plus models which have an 80cm longer baler chamber and deliver consistent best-in-class bale quality with up to 10% more density.

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    New Holland has a long and illustrious baling heritage which stretches right back to the very beginning of baling itself. Over more than seven decades of continuous evolution, countless innovations which have revolutionised baling efficiency, productivity and comfort have been introduced which today, make New Holland the worldwide leader in baling technology.
  • Clearing fields at high speed

    The pick-up is perhaps the most important part of your BigBaler. New Holland has completely redesigned the MaxiSweep™ pick-up for unbeatable collecting performance. Two different widths are available, the ultra-wide 2.35m is perfect for the widest straw swaths from todays’ high capacity combines, and the standard 1.96m width is the ideal choice for silage operations. The heavy-duty 5.5mm coil tines on CropCutter™ models have been designed to increase durability when working on the roughest, stoniest ground.

  • Flexible crop processing solutions

    As no two baling operations are the same, the BigBaler offers a whole host of crop processing options with different chop lengths to suit your individual requirements. From the standard direct flow option through to the Packer Cutter and CropCutter™ variants, the BigBaler has the solution no matter what the crop, growing conditions, usage profile or conservation method used. When baling in extremely abrasive conditions, the new heavy duty rotor has been developed, ideal when baling tough crops. The rotor has an abrasive finish, which can extend its life by up to four times.
  • Perfectly formed, dense bales as standard

    Density is king when it comes to producing big bales. Whether they are straw bales with an improved combustion profile for biomass operations, tightly packed silage bales with enhanced fermentation characteristics or simply bales that take up less space for easier storage or transport, density is at the heart of big baling excellence. The best-in-class SmartFill™ bale direction sensing system ensures the operator feeds the crop in an even manner, and the strong, reinforced monocoque frame, machined from reinforced steel, guarantees durability, season after season.
  • Precision knotting. Gentle bale handling

    Pioneering double knot technology for over 35 years, New Holland has been on an unswerving quest to continually improve this industry leading technology. The BigBaler’s double knot system guarantees higher bale density with lower knotting strain. And the new big baler range introduces another baling first: Loop Master™ knotting technology. The second knot is now a loop style knot, producing a 37% stronger knot with a 26% improvement in tensile strength for reduced breakage, but, perhaps even more importantly it eliminates the twine offcuts, which are currently left in the field, or can even find their way into fodder. It might not sound much, but consider that over six kilometres or 46kg of twine are saved in a 10,000 bale season. Knotting technology has been tailored to the BigBaler’s dimensions, with four knots on the BigBaler 870 Plus and 890 Plus models or six knots per bale on the BigBaler 1270 Plus and 1290 Plus variants. With over 15,000 bales tied without a miss-tie, reliability and accuracy come as standard. Improved debris management and gentle set-down logic complete the most advance baling technology around. Quite simply, the BigBaler still leads the field over a quarter of a century on.

  • Fingertip baler management

    Managing your BigBaler has never been simpler. All key operating parameters can be controlled whilst on the move via the IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor which comes as standard. Furthermore, the BigBaler is fully ISOBUS compatible, for seamless SideWinder™ II armrest integration, so onemonitor operation is guaranteed.
  • IntelliCruise™ system. Optimised capacity. Ultimate uniformity.

    The IntelliCruise™ feature controls the tractor’s forward speed through ISOBUS Class III technology, increasing productivity, improving operator comfort, improving fuel savings and optimising feeding rate in varying field and crop conditions. This system IntelliCruise has two running modes.
    • IntelliCruise™ technology enables
    • Up to 9% more throughput
    • Up to 4% fuel savings
    • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Integrated yield and moisture sensing

    The BigBaler range of balers have been engineered by design with precision farming features. Bale weight and moisture information is continually updated and displayed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor. This data can be stored, downloaded and analysed with PLM® Connect telematics precision farming software to establish accurate yields maps. These can be used to fine tune inputs to maximise yields and minimise input costs.
  • Floating across the field, flying down the road

    BigBalers will work in a variety of different environments, from the largest arable operations where reducing soil compaction is of prime importance, to small fields and winding country lanes that mean hassle-free transport is a must. The range boasts a wide variety of axles and tyre options which all comply with the three metre transport width restriction to suit every operation. Furthermore, turn on a sixpence manoeuvrability to complete the package.
  • True day and night visibility

    A 360° lighting package, available with an LED option on all Plus models, has been developed to turn night into day, and to maintain productivity and ease of operation even in the dead of night.
  • An even wider BigBaler offering

    From farmers to contractors, the BigBaler range is used in a wide range of field settings, as such, there are a many different customisable features that you can select which will ensure that your BigBaler is right for you. Biomass baling is a growing business, and New Holland has responded to that requirement with a specific biomass configuration. A range of features have been reinforced and upgraded to withstand the intensive biomass baling schedule. From heavy duty rotors through to an improved pre-chamber which can deal with stalky crops in its stride, the biomass BigBaler is ready to help you power the new biomass energy revolution.
  • A history of modern baling by New Holland

    The flagship BigBaler models are built in Zedelgem, Belgium, home to New Holland’s global Centre of Harvesting Excellence. It was here, over 100 years ago, that Leon Claeys built his very first threshing machine that revolutionised the way farmers harvested. Yet New Holland’s baling heritage spans both sides of the Atlantic, with New Holland developing the very first selftying pick-up baler in 1940. Today, 25 years after the first of thousands of large square balers rolled off the line, the big baler is still the world’s number one large square baler, and yellow blooded engineers are still committed to developing the next generation of baling products. The sophisticated product development process and the extensive knowledge of a dedicated workforce of a World Class Manufacturing facility ensure the BigBaler range, together with all flagship harvesting products, the CR, CX and FR ranges, continue to set the harvesting benchmark.
  • 360°: BigBaler

    The new BigBaler has been designed for easy daily maintenance. All service points can only be access when the baler is completely stationary for industry-leading maintenance safety. Best-in-class access means these balers will spend more time in the field. The entire baler has been engineered by design for full compliance with all safety directives.

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BigBaler 890 PLUS – Standard

BigBaler 890 PLUS – Cropcutter

BigBaler 1290 PLUS – Standard

BigBaler 1290 PLUS – Cropcutter


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* Charge Control mode only avaibile on CropCutter™ models
** 620/50R22.5 for CropCutter™ models only​​