ProRotor™ L range features two side mounted rakes which can deliver the crop to the left hand side on 640T and right hand side on the 630 model. The multi-link frame enables a variable working width that can be adjusted from the cab. Choose between single swath, two individual swaths or the turn swath options. The 640T with Auto-Steer feature automatically regulates the distance between the two rotors which improved manoeuvrability and always maintains the rotor overlap to avoid missing any value crop.

Explore Features

  • Maintenance free rotor arms

    The rotor arms on the ProRotor 420, 450, L 630, L 640 Auto-Steer, L 640, C 760 and C 820 models feature maintenance-free ball bearings at either end. Manufactured from solid steel, they have been engineered by design to withstand intensive usage.
  • Efficient tine arm storage

    For easy transport and storage, the tine arms can be easily dismounted and stored in a dedicated tine arm storage area. This enables better visibility during transport, and also reduces the overall width of the rake, ideal when travelling down narrow country lanes or when being stored away during winter.
  • Tangential tine arm technology

    The rake’s tine arms are not mounted in the traditional 90° configuration, rather they are placed tangentially to ensure optimal delivery and soft handling of the crop.

Explore available models

New Holland ProRotor™ L 640T

New Holland ProRotor™ L 640T Auto-Steer

New Holland ProRotor™ L 630



Type of rake
Mounting type
Working width (m)
Number of swaths
Rotor diameter (m)
Tine arms per rotor / double tines per tine arm
MIN-trans detachable tine arms
Tangential tine arm control
Covered cam track
3rd wheel on drawbar option
3 wheel multi-touch chassis
Advanced wide-track axle
Drive chassis
Tandem double wheel (Front rotor)
Dual wheels
Tandem caster wheels
Central height adjustment
Transport width (m)
Transport height without/with rake arms (m)
Active steering of the frame
Central cardanic suspension
Rotors tyres
Main frame tyres standard
Main frame tyres optional
Minimum PTO Power [kW/hp(CV)]
PTO speed (rpm)
Hydraulic remote required
Weight (kg)

Standard Optional – Not available

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