MyPLM Connect

MyPLM Connect is New Holland’s telematics and agronomic data portal.
Entering field names, boundary lines and guidance line data on an in-cab display can be a tedious and slow process.
MyPLM Connect saves time by enabling you to setup the data on the online portal for all your New Holland PLM equipment as well as most other equipment. 
This data can be sent via file transfer to connected machines, or exported to a USB for manual upload on older units.
Connected machines can also seamlessly transfer data into your account, while data from legacy units can be manually added via USB.
Key features for PLM Intelligence tractors include remote file transfer from the cab to the portal and remote display viewing.
Agronomic data such as coverage maps, yield and moisture layers can also be visualised and analysed.
The portal also makes it possible for farmers to create their own prescription maps based off this data.
MyPLM Connect gives you visibility over your entire machinery fleet so you can maximise uptime and improve productivity.
Key parameters that can be seen for connected machines include location, speed and fuel usage, while notifications can be set up to further monitor your fleet.