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MORE POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY Choose from five models from 250 to 396 rated horsepower with an enormous 40% torque rise plus up to an additional 71  boosted horsepower from the Engine Power Management system, all combined with a 600 hour service interval to keep your operating running and profitable.
CAB ENHANCEMENTS Redesigned cab and controls, including the most functional and customizable armrest and display you’ll find, add new levels of comfort and convenience to your long and hectic days. 
MAXIMUM VERSATILITY The new IntelliView™ 12 display and Sidewinder™ Ultra armrest is second to none!  We built your control package around the revolutionary idea that customer adjustments should come standard to increase your operator and fleet.
CONNECTED MACHINE Added connectivity provides more support features, reducing downtime and keeping operators in the field. Remote display viewing allows a manager or dealer to view exactly what an operator is seeing on the IntelliView™ 12 display in the cab to help identify problems and gain deeper insight.


  • Experience a revolution in tractor operation.

    An ergonomic, spacious and practical operator environment is a must for day-long productivity. That is what New Holland’s industry leading T8 cab delivers. Want all round visibility? Whether you’re in the yard, in the field or on the road, you’ll have an uninterrupted productivity enhancing view. Always. The ultra wide opening door facilitate access for easier entry and exit.
  • SideWinder™ Ultra: the ultimate ergonomic farming experience.

    The T8 tractors offer sophisticated features that are easy and intuitive to access. The SideWinder™ Ultra armrest hosts all key controls. Throttle, transmission and hydraulics. Everything you need to control is intuitively selected. More advanced features can be quickly accessed.
  • Intelligent monitors for intelligent agriculture.

    The all new IntelliView™ 12 monitor delivers a whole host of machine benefits at your fingertips. A clear evolution from the former IntelliView™ IV, the new ‘12’ model with its sleek, automotive style ‘dash’ styling, intuitive display and modern design, will become the benchmark of the future.
  • Three factory-fitted guidance packages.

    When ordering your T8, you can choose between three different guidance packages. This means that your T8 will arrive direct from the factory with the exact accuracy level you require. Choose your accuracy level right down to the most precise <1”* option. Extremely beneficial for precision arable applications, especially in high value vegetable or bulb farming.

    * Using PLM RTK or PLM RTK+ correction signal
  • Connected. Productive. Efficient.

    Agriculture is constantly evolving, and split second decisions have an enormous impact on your business’ profitability. New Holland’s goal was to place farm managers and contractors in every field, even when they are sometimes hundreds of miles away. This is now possible thanks to MyPLM® Connect. Using mobile telephone technology, users receive dynamic, real-time information on every machine working in their field and can analyze that data to make correct decisions for each and every machine in each and every field.
  • The power and efficiency you’ve come to expect from New Holland.

    The 8.7 liter FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engines, featuring Tier 2 technology, continue to set the standard for engine performance, dependability and efficiency yet still meet the latest Stage IV emission regulations. When it comes to fuel efficiency, T8 series tractors are seldom bettered. This is paired with long, 600 hour main service intervals.

  • Full Powershift Ultra Command™ for rugged efficiency

    Ultra Command™ full powershift transmissions match proven mechanical efficiency to New Holland ease of control. The result? A transmission that is easy to set up and operate with a speed to perfectly match every application. It’s one of the most efficient full powershift transmissions available today. Available on the T8.320 – T8.435 models, the CommandGrip™ handle provides fingertip access to automated features, including Ground Speed Management.

  • Traction without question.

    The new T8 range has the longest wheelbase in the segment. Ultra Command models boast a 136” wheelbase, and 140” on the T8.435. That is a full 10” longer than the nearest competitor. A longer wheelbase means greater stability at high transport speeds, is easier to ballast with better weight transfer, and more traction for demanding heavy drawbar applications.
  • More stable transport. Smoother in-field performance.

    The T8 range features up-rated front axles in line with its 20 tonne gross vehicle weight, which mean that you can work with even heavier attachments with ease. Terraglide™ front axle suspension is a standard feature and its twin dampers and accumulators deliver a silky smooth ride. The engine and subframe have been designed to maximize turning performance, so that the front wheels can nip in tight against the sculpted sump and tombstone for tight turning.
  • SmartTrax. The half-track advantage.

    SmartTrax GENESIS® T8 models represent a key advance in conventional tractor design, combining the in field advantages of a wheeled tractor with the flotation and traction benefits of a tracked machine. Factory developed specifically for the GENESIS® T8 series and available on T8.410 and T8.435 models, SmartTrax are not simply a ‘bolt-on’ alternative to rear wheels. Detailed modifications to the transmission and driveline ensure maximum power and torque can be transmitted to the tracks for dependable performance in the most demanding of applications. SmartTrax. The half-track advantage.
  • Super safe, super stable transport.

    For today’s modern farmers and contractors, high speed transport is a fundamental part of daily life. Whether you are travelling between clients or between far flung fields, you will appreciate the T8 Genesis™ impressive road handling. Outstanding visibility, precision Auto Command™ speed control and a range of braking options, make the GENESIS® T8 a true road cruiser. Super safe, super stable transport.
  • Ready for modern demands.

    The GENESIS® T8 range features impressive front and rear linkage capacity, which means it can work with the very largest front and rear mounted equipment to enhance your productivity. Want to use the largest ploughs? Then the beefy rear linkage is perfect. If you’re a potato farmer or you need to mount the very heaviest seed hopers, then the fully-integrated front linkage is for you. Available in both category III and IV variants, and with a variety of drawbar options and sliding hitches, your tractor can be specified to suit your specific requirements.
  • Features to boost your productivity.

    New Holland T8 tractors are designed to offer exceptional heavy draft performance. This is a key demand of tractors developing in excess of 400hp(CV). But T8 tractors are built to do a lot more. PTO and hydraulic performance is maintained, even in demanding conditions, thanks to the constant power curve. Massive performance with optimum economy. The GENESIS® T8 reaches rated PTO speed at reduced engine speed for maximum fuel efficiency. With New Holland T8 versatility comes as standard.
  • Hydraulic Power

    All GENESIS® T8 tractors are fitted with an advanced Closed Centre Load Sensing hydraulic system as standard. Delivering 224 lpm as standard, which is enough to power the majority of farming applications. For the most hydraulically demanding customers, the MegaFlow™ option offers an impressive 282 lpm of flow. If that wasn’t enough, New Holland has engineered the CCLS system to operate at peak efficiency.
    The benefit? Full hydraulic power is always available at the remote valves and linkage, but only as much as is needed.
    The result? Reduced fuel consumption.

  • 360°: T8 tractors

    The GENESIS® T8 range has been designed to spend more time working and less time in the yard. All service points are easy to access, and super long service intervals mean they will spend more time in their natural environment: the field!

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No. of cylinders / Aspiration / Valves / Emission level
Fuel System - high pressure common rail
Displacement cubic in. (L)
Max. EPM horsepower** - ISO - ECE R120, 1800 rpm kW/hp (CV)
Max. horsepower - ISO - ECE R120, 1800 rpm kW/hp (CV)
Rated EPM horsepower - ISO - ECE R120, 2000 rpm kW/hp (CV)
Rated horsepower - ISO - ECE R120, 2000 rpm kW/hp (CV)
PTO HP (SAE) kW/hp (CV)
Viscous coupled cooling fan
Diesel capacity Auto Command CVT (full to drained) gal. (L)
Diesel capacity Ultra Command FPS (full to drained) gal. (L)
Service Interval (hours)

Ultra Command™ Full-Powershift transmission

Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)




Remote Valves






* Developed by FPT Industrial
** Power boost available during mobile PTO, hydraulic or transport speeds
*** Weight is based on tractor equipped with standard equipment, minimum fuel, no ballast, no operator and single wheel equipment