T4 F/N/V - TIER 4A

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T4 F/N/V

New T4 F/N/V. Cleaner, quieter and even more efficient

New Holland, the acknowledged leader in speciality tractor design, has enhanced its new four-model T4 F/N/V series to offer more power and performance, advanced cab filtration, more powerful hydraulics and a new front linkage and PTO package. Following on from the benchmark speciality TN tractor series, the new T4 F/N/V models are precision made to the same modular build concept. This ensures each model can be tailored to meet exacting specialist needs affordably and with proven dependability.

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  • Four cylinder power – with ESM

    The new T4.80, T4.90, T4.100 and T4.110 are powered by the 3.4 litre four-cylinder, FPT Industrial F5C engine purpose developed for tractor operation. Maximum torque is generated at just 1,500rpm, peaking at 444Nm for the T4.110. This model produces a maximum power of 107hp at 2,300rpm. This is the highest output ever offered by New Holland in a speciality tractor. All models benefit from excellent power delivery, with constant max power delivered between engine speeds of 1,900 and 2,300rpm.

    The entire T4 F/N/V range is Tier 4A emissions compliant, using an external Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system, and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). This approach ensures there are no bulky after treatment systems to get in the way and ensures maximum versatility when using specialist side mounted implements. This all adds up to outstanding efficiency. What you’ve come to expect from the Clean Energy Leader.

    To further optimise performance and productivity, Engine Speed Management, ESM, is fitted to precisely fuel the engine to meet prevailing loads and maintain a constant speed. This is ideal for duties to include spraying. The operator can program ESM to ‘remember’ two engine speeds. This allows the operator to select separate speeds for work and turns at the end of a row. ESM can be easily varied by the operator in work, without complex settings.
  • A wide choice of efficient transmissions

    Thanks to the modular build of the new T4 F/N/V tractors, the transmissions can be easily matched to end user needs. Advanced features include powershuttle, power clutch, park lock and creep speed options. To cope with the extra power of the new T4.110, a heavier duty clutch and stronger rear PTO driveline components are used.
  • Small in size, big in comfort

    Operator comfort is a key New Holland priority. State of the art virtual simulation technology is employed to achieve the most ergonomic layout of the cab controls. The right hand console groups all main hydraulic levers together for ease of operation. Noise and vibration levels are tightly controlled, with light steering and class leading visibility over the stylish new engine hood all contributing to reduced operator fatigue.
  • Compact and special but with large tractor features

    Specialist tractors are sometimes compromised when it comes to hydraulic and PTO performance, but not with New Holland. The new T4 F/N/V series can now be specified with a Premium Hydraulic system with a powerful 82 litres per minute pump. As with all New Holland tractors, there is a separate pump for the power steering system, ensuring the pump capacity you order delivers that flow rate you need.

    Two hydraulic remotes can be set up with a 100% free-flow return to drive hydraulic motors, with a choice of mid- and front-outlets to suit most needs. The front linkage system is also new, and can now deliver a lift capacity of up to 1,970kg on all models.

    Where specified, the front PTO is directly driven from the engine via a hydraulic clutch. Fitted with soft start, the front PTO can deliver full engine power, enabling a new T4 F/N/V model to power larger and more demanding front mounted attachments.
  • Unique New Holland features for productivity and safety

    The legendary SuperSteer™ front axle with Auto 4WD management and dedicated front hitch are unique to New Holland. Offering an effective steering angle of 76°, a tractor with a SuperSteer™ front axle can offer a turn radius as low as 2.9m for truly outstanding agility. The way in which the axle moves as the steering lock is increased helps to reduce front wheel scrub.

Explore available models

New Holland T4.80F

New Holland T4.90F

New Holland T4.100F

New Holland T4.110F

New Holland T4.80N

New Holland T4.90N

New Holland T4.100N

New Holland T4.110N


New Holland Engine*

New Holland Engine*
No. of cylinders / Capacity / Valves / Emissions Level
Approved biodiesel Blend
Rated Engine Power ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Rated Engine Speed (rpm)
Max. Torque ISO TR14396 (Nm)
Torque reserve (%)
Horizontal Exhaust
Vertical exhaust (Cab only)
External CEGR & Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
Cooling method
Optimum fuel Consumption (g/kWh)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Service Interval (hrs)


16x16 Shuttle Command™ (30kph / 40kph)

28x16 Shuttle Command™ [Optional Creeper (30kph / 40kph)]

16x16 Powershuttle (30kph / 40kph)

32x16 Dual Command™ (30kph / 40kph) and parking lock

44x16 Dual Command™ [Opt. Creeper (30kph / 40kph)]

Front axle

Hydraulic system


Operator environment

Dimensions & Weights

* Developed by FPT Industrial
** Conditions apply
*** Rear Tyres Minumum height T4F/N/V 380/70R20
**** With driver (85kg) and full fuel tank
***** Minimum width with Rear Tyre T4V-280/85R28; T4N-320/85R24; T4F-320/85R28
****** Rear Tyre Maximum height T4F 420/70R30 - T4N 420/70R28 - T4V 340/85R28

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