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Superior visibility and comfort The new TH range features an advanced cab design that offers improved comfort, noise suppression and visibility for maximum productivity at any time.
Enhanced quality The TH telehandlers feature a twin U shaped robot welded boom, that is extremely rigid and durable.
Ease of ownership Downtime is the enemy of productivity, that is why all TH telehandlers are engineered to minimise the need for routine maintenance for optimised dependability.

New TH range, as good as gold

For over 20 years New Holland telehandlers have continued to deliver an unrivalled mix of performance, dependability and affordability. The new TH series machines benefit from a striking new yellow and grey livery, reflecting their importance to the hay and forage sector and association with those product lines. The new TH models feature an all new and 6x3 PowerShift™ transmission, providing smoother shifting and shuttling performance resulting in a better driving experience. Compliant to Tier 3 emissions standards, enhanced performance and economy are matched to improved comfort and reduced operating costs. The very latest cab sets a benchmark for low noise and comfort.

The new TH7.42 Elite models feature 146hp engines, 3 mode 6x3 PowerShift™ transmissions, piston pump and a seat mounted joystick, reversible cooling fan, and limited slip front & rear diff. The new TH range is the product of years of development, investment and listening to customer feedback.

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  • TH Elite models

    The TH7.42 Elite models are aimed at the most demanding operators who require maximum productivity and comfort at all times. These machines produce a maximum power output of 146hp from a Tier 3, 4.5 litre NEF engine and features the new 6F-3R PowerShift™ transmission. The Elite models feature three transmission modes, Manual, Semiauto and Full-auto. The transmission modes makes the Elite model well suited to transport work and towing capacity with a braked trailer is a massive 20 tonnes.

  • See more for better productivity

    New Holland has taken its established expertise in tractor cab design and applied it to the 360° Vision Cab. Offering class-leading space and comfort, the cab affords excellent all-round visibility with an unparalleled view of the front of the carriage / forks when fully lowered. In work, this extra visibility boosts productivity in duties to include loader work and speeds up attachment changeovers.
  • Clean performance. Responsive productivity.

    TH telehandlers are powered by Tier 3 compliant, NEF 4.5litre, four-cylinder engines, manufactured in house by FPT Industrial. Proven in the New Holland T6 tractor models, these exceptionally clean running engines employ ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology, have a long 600 hour service interval and a proven economy and dependability record. The rated power output is 131hp. This figure climbs to 146hp as engine speed drops to 1,800rpm. To minimise power loss, the engine flywheel connects directly to the transmission via a heavy-duty 280mm torque convertor, a transfer box directing power to the front and rear axles. TH Elite models achieve a maximum 40km/hr transport speed, and feature a transport mode that, when manually activated, automatically locks the boom functions. Transport mode also prevents the operator from activating 4WS or crab steer modes, permitting front axle steering only.

  • Powerful hydraulics deliver fast work cycles

    Efficient hydraulics are key to telehandler productivity. This goes beyond pump capacity; efficient use of available oil, optimised ram sizes and effective control valves all making a contribution to overall performance. The new TH models benefit from New Holland’s 20 years of telehandler development, careful attention to the design of the hydraulic circuit not just improving cycle times but also in ensuring performance is maintained in demanding conditions to include extreme heat. Two front auxiliary hydraulic outlets, complete with valves and diverters, to control front mounted attachments are fitted. Additional rear auxiliary lines are also available.
  • Strength by design

    New Holland employs state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and has invested millions in the production line for TH models. Robot welding is a key manufacturing process and ensures consistent quality during chassis and boom construction.

    • Hydraulic end-stroke dampers ensure smooth boom retraction and extension
    • Dampers also protect the boom and operator from regular shock loads
    • Engineered 40/60 weight distribution eliminates the need for bolt-on counterweights
    • Excellent stability and traction is achieved when loaded
    • Chassis strength is boosted as a result of the in-built mass
    • 45° low profile headstock design enables complete filling of roof cavities
    • 142° tilt angle is standard on the Elite
    • Hydraulic attachment lock is standard
  • 360°: TH.

    New Holland has worked hard to reduce the maintenance demands of its new TH telehandlers.
    • Adjusting the telescopic boom pads has been simplified, a simple nut screw and lock nut system making adjustment quick and easy
    • 140 litre fuel tank features a wide filler neck and is easy to access
    • 27 litre capacity AdBlue tank is convieniently located next to the diesel tank for simultaneous refilling
    • Elite models feature 12 daily grease points
    • Grouped grease nipples are optional to grease the axles, lift and compensation cylinders
    • The engine air filter is easy to check, clean or replace, without the need for tools

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TH7.42 Elite



Compliant with engine emissions regulations
Displacement / No. of cylinders / Valves (cm³)
Fuel system
Exhaust system
Rated power - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Max power - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Max torque - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 (Nm)



Axles and differentials








Main performance

* Developed by FPT
** Without rear hitch
*** With smaller / larger tyres
**** Includes forks, full fuel tank and driver

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