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CropScan 3300H Grain Analyser

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Real Time Grain Quality

The CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyser measures protein, moisture, oil, starch and fibre in grains and oil seeds every 5 to 8 seconds as they are harvested in the field. The CropScan 3300H comprises of a Sampling Head, a Fibre Optic Cable, a NIR Spectrometer and a CropScan display. As grain passes up the clean grain elevator, grain fills the remote sample head and the NIR scan is collected.
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How Can This Data Help Me?

The results captured from the scan for protein, moisture, oil, starch and fibre are displayed on the CropScan display in the form of field data, field maps, graphs, tank data, field and site storage data which are then synced to the user’s CropScanAg Cloud Account. Enabling farmers to make better decisions regarding when to start harvest, blending grain and improving nitrogen management practices across the farm.
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Accurate Moisture Readings

Accurate Moisture measurements mean farmers can harvest for more hours each day and have confidence in every load of grain delivered.

Grain Logistics

Optimise crop payments based on accurate protein blending. The CropScan Grain Logistics software enables farmers to manage the quality and quantity of their grain from the field.

Nitrogen Management

The CropScan 3300H can assist farmers to achieve higher Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) across their farm. Combining protein and yield data provides a more complete picture of Nitrogen availability and uptake across the field.
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N-GAUGE Mobile App

The CropScanAg N-GAUGE Mobile App offers a subscription-based suite of management tools for farmers to N-GAUGE their harvest data. The N-GAUGE grain logistic and nutrient manager modules can be accessed from any smart device. Connect and share data across the farm with your team and advisors. The sensor data for protein, moisture, oil and yield are collected during the harvest in the CropScan display. The data is pushed to the CropScanAg Cloud every cycle of the unloading auger. The updated data can then be visualised in the grain logistics and nutrient manager modules.


“We finally have a tool that enables us to make timely, accurate and reliable decisions around grain blending with moisture, protein and oil all being measured and recorded.  The ease of use, local support and simple design make harvest with the CropScan a breeze and fuss free when time is most important. The big kicker is the ability to measure protein variation and create reliable VR urea maps to even protein and mineral nitrogen variation within our paddocks.”

Broden and Chris Holland – NSW

“The CropScan is simple to use, simple to maintain and the information gathered benefits logistics and pricing at harvest. The data then feeds into nutrition decisions for future years. CropScanAg have been great to deal with, taking on suggestions and ideas to improve the product continually to make it easier for the farmer to gain maximum benefit from their investment.”

Ben Cripps - WA

To find out more on the CropScan Grain Analyser and how this technology can be added to your New Holland Combine, contact your local New Holland dealer