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Seed Terminator

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Seed Terminator

Seed Terminator is a simple attachment to the combine harvester that terminates weed seeds before they become weeds. Leading the industry with in-house expertise, a history of continuous improvement and a range of Aero Impact mill technology available to suit your harvest conditions. 

Why Harvest Weed Seed Control?

With up to 80% of weeds being harvested along with the crop, harvest weed seed control has quickly been adopted as another tool in the toolbox for grain growers worldwide.

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Tackling weeds at harvest

Targets Weeds

​Targets the fittest weeds that have escaped in-season control, terminating weeds and volunteers with no extra spray passes.

​Prote​cts Weeds​

Reduces herbi​cide use and protects against herbicide resistance by targeting the weeds that escaped in season control.​​ ​​​

Start Right​

Terminating at harvest allows dry sowing with confidence and stops the spread of weedy patches up and down the paddock.
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What's Included?

The Seed Terminator includes:
  • Mechanical Drive
  • Chassis
  • Latest AeroIMPACT mill tech - The Seed Terminator Multistage Hammer Mill technology uses impact + shear + crush + grind to kill weed seeds ensuring consistent kill at a range of speeds 2250-3000rpm.
  • Magnet tray - will catch loose steel in your field
  • In cab monitoring system


To find out more on Seed Terminator and how this technology can be added to your New Holland Combine, contact your local New Holland dealer