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Genuine Lubricants

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​While these products are cross compatible, only our OEM lubricants are:
  • Built specifically for New Holland
  • Tested and fully approved to meet or exceed API and New Holland Material Standards (MAT)
  • Approved for New Holland limited warranties
The New Holland lubricants range was designed to deliver:
  • Maximum performance
  • Extended equipment service life
  • Reduced fuel and oil consumption, resulting in reduced environmental impact
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Engine Oil

New Holland Genuine Engine Oils are the only lubricants bench tested, field tested and approved by CNH engineers in severe lab conditions, and under load in extreme field testing.

Formulated to meet the stringent demands of today’s Tier 4 engines by utilising Low-SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur) additive technology that helps protect exhaust catalysts and diesel particulate filters (DPF) on the latest low emission machines.

Only oil approved for extended drain intervals (20% longer) for New Holland Agriculture equipment.

AG 10W-40 600 hours; (15W-40) 500 hours*

*Please refer to your operator’s manual on the optimal oil drain interval for your equipment.

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Hydraulic Transmission Oil

New Holland Hydraulic Transmission Oil Premium is designed to keep tractor transmissions, axles and hydraulic systems free of deposits while inhibiting wear, corrosion, sludge and foaming. Engineered specifically for New Holland equipment, Hydraulic Transmission Oil is specially formulated to provide premium performance and protection for all generations of equipment - from legacy to CVTs.
  • Superior Water Tolerance: Unique ability to hold up to 1% of its volume in water helps prevent rust, sticky valves, flow restrictions and pump cavitation.
  • Improved Superior Oxidation Stability: Less oxidation under heat prevents metal deposits and corrosion, extends component life and reduces downtime.
  • Superior Shear Stability: Provides advanced wear protection for transmissions and implement pumps by maintaining its viscosity when subjected to high temperatures and extreme pressure.
  • Superior Wear Protection: Less wear for longer component life.

Hypoid Gear Oil

Gears in agriculture equipment are subjected to immense pressure which without the proper lubrication, can lead to breakdown in the lubricant film resulting in scuffing at high temperatures. Our MAT-Spec Hypoid Gear Oil formula is designed to help prevent deposit formation and maximise oil drain intervals without compromising on protection. Our genuine gear oil contains a unique additive package, developed specifically for our machines to keep your equipment operating at it’s peak performance.
  • High load capability, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties extend equipment life
  • Reduces maintenance costs under severe conditions
  • Thermal and oxidation stability extends seal life and increases service life of equipment and lubricant.
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30-60-90 Rule

Off-road equipment generates more usable horsepower – 30% more than on-road trucks and 60% more than automotive engines. Tighter tolerances and higher temperatures than ever before result in severe duty cycles. High-quality, lubricants offer the level of performance and durability required to ensure the longevity and reliability of off-road engines. It’s critical to acknowledge that farming equipment is a unique and tough application for lubricants and as such requires a superior formula to perform and then extensive in-field testing to refine and perfect each lubricant.

Choose New Holland Genuine Lubricants for optimal performance of your machines.

Not sure what lubricants you need?