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Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance Inspections

If you understand the value of having highly trained New Holland service technicians working on your equipment, then you’ll also appreciate our annual maintanence inspection program.

Maintenance inspections are a proven and effective way to prevent downtime, protect your equipment investment, and improve resale value thanks to well-documented service work. In the off-season and pre-season, our trained and experienced technicians will inspect your equipment and provide recommendations on how to maintain your machine for peak performance.

Maintenance inspections are well documented and provide valuable service records for the equipment owner. Decals on your equipment are a visual indicator completed service. These in turn can increase the equipment’s resale value: equipment that’s had annual inspections done will hold its resale value better than equipment that hasn’t.

Ask your New Holland dealer about their maintenance inspection program and our special promotions.

To schedule a New Holland maintenance inspection, contact your local New Holland dealer today