New T4 LP Stage V tractors complete New Holland T4 Specialty range updates

10th November, 2023
New T4 LP Stage V tractors complete New Holland T4 Specialty range updates
  • Models complement already-updated New Holland T4 F (fruit), N (narrow) and V (vineyard) tractors in specialty range
  • LP (low profile) models specifically designed to operate safely even on the most challenging hilly conditions land and easier working without tree damage in widespaced orchards
  • Available in ROPS or cab versions and with multiple transmissions, hydraulic systems, and tyre options
  • New 120hp flagship, new styling, new LED lights, new integral front linkage and power take-off for multi-task applications

New Holland Agriculture is launching updated T4 LP (low profile) specialty tractors, complementing the recently-upgraded T4 F (fruit), N (narrow) and V (vineyard) models.

Designed to meet the needs of orchard fruit producers, hill/mountain farmers, small livestock units and those requiring a tractor with a low centre of gravity or which can access low buildings, the new T4 LP tractors have been improved in multiple areas to further enhance comfort, performance and efficiency. They are available with rollover protection, or with flat floor cab for operator comfort and Class 4 filtration that can remove incoming air impurities, including spray mist.

Offering 518Nm maximum torque at just 1,300rpm and 40% torque back-up, the addition of a new 120hp (rated) flagship model to meet the increasing power demands from users of this tractor type means there are now five T4 LP models. All feature FPT F5C four-cylinder engines starting at 75hp (rated) and with 40km/hr Shuttle Command 16/16 transmissions, although there are multiple further transmission options. New hood styling matches that on other T4 Specialty tractors but is tailored to provide a low hood and complement T4 LP models’ low centre of gravity, while also concealing the exhaust after-treatment package. New LED lighting significantly enhances illumination.

There are two front axle options, to match the wider track settings sought by some orchard, vegetable and hill farm owners, and both are equipped with electrohydraulic 4wd management and a limited slip differential for maximum traction and safety in hilly circumstances. Flange-to-flange distance of the standard front axle is 1,460mm, while for those requiring a wider stance the T4 LP tractors are optionally available with a Category 1.0 axle with 1,585mm distance. This allows the fitting of tyre sizes up to 380/75 R20, matched by 540/65 R28 rears, to meet the needs of users requiring track settings of 24, 28 or 30 inches, resulting in an overall width of 1,588 to 2,500mm. To increase traction, stability and to reduce soil compaction it is also possible to specify Pneutrac long-footprint tyres. Wider front fender extensions designed specifically for the T4 LP are fitted to maintain tractor cleanliness, while the rear fenders have flexible extensions to accommodate the wider track widths.

With a 2,500kg load capacity, the upgraded front axle makes T4 LP tractors well-suited to working with front implements to make jobs faster and easier. A 2,000kg hitch and 1,000rpm PTO, plus up to four hydraulic services, are available at the front, while at the rear the standard specification comprises a 2,900kg hitch, 540rpm PTO with further speeds optional, and up to ten rear and four mid-mounted remote valves.

The new T4 LP inherits many other features from other tractors in the T4 Specialty range. All models can be ordered with a flat-deck VisionView™ cab offering the lowest noise level in the segment, at 71 dB(A), and ROPS/FOPS compliance, for safety and front loader compatibility. Cab models are also available with Blue Cab™ 4 patented Category 2 and 4 double filtration, ensuring maximum protection from dust, pollen and spray mist. Updated controls throughout the cab include features from larger New Holland tractors such as an InfoView™ digital instrument cluster to manage key controls and settings. A new electro-hydraulic PTO control simplifies engagement, with a wet clutch to protect transmission components from high torque peaks.

“We continue to reinforce our specialty tractor offering, an area where New Holland is particularly strong,” says Carlo Lambro, Brand President New Holland Agriculture. “The new T4 Specialty series, including the LP models, is the result of listening to the specific requests of our customers and the wide range of special application needs they have. Extending the family means there is something to suit every need.”

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