New Holland W130D wheel loader efficiently transporting a towering stack of hay bales on a sunny day in the field.




New Holland W110 D, W130 D, W170 D and new W190 D wheel loaders are designed to meet the needs of large scale farmers, agricultural contractors, composting operators and biogas farmers where absolute loading performance is critical. Developed from machines proven in the toughest quarries, 24-hour recycling plants and countless intensive industrial applications, New Holland wheel loaders deliver tough, versatile and reliable performance. The latest D series wheel loaders now deliver more, with an all-new, best-inclass cab for improved visibility and unrivalled levels of comfort in addition to a range of new features to improve productivity.



    Purpose designed for the D series wheel loaders, the new generation cab offers class leading all-round visibility, comfort and operator security. Fully FOPS and ROPS certified, the new cab features a curved, one-piece windscreen offering a clear and uninterrupted view of the loader arm, with an excellent view to the front as the boom is raised. Visibility over the shoulder, to the sides and extremities is excellent, allowing the operator to place the machine accurately and with confidence in confined areas. The seat mounted joystick control features a fully adjustable armrest, and the redesigned side console ensures all key functions are always within easy reach. Stay properly connected thanks to the Bluetooth radio with ceiling mounted microphone and remote AUX and USB sockets in the side console. The advanced ventilation package ensures the cab remains comfortable regardless of outside temperatures, with excellent filtration allowing operation in dusty environments. To further aid comfort, the cab is mounted on purpose designed viscous oil suspension blocks to reduce noise and vibration and results in noise levels as low as 68dB(A).

    The D series wheel loaders have a new armrest and joystick design that has been developed to considerably reduce operator fatigue. The angle of the operators arm to the body has been carefully considered to minimise strain on the joints and not to compromise blood flow. Full seating support ensures good posture is maintained. Three new armrest mounted configurable short cut buttons make the operators preferred frequently used functions more easily accessible. The result? Less fatigue and benefits for the operator’s long term health.

    New Holland has engineered the D Series wheel loaders to suit re-handling of root crops, compost, farm yard manure, grain, woodchip and other bulk materials. D Series wheel loaders also have the traction to work in deep muck or work on a steep silage clamp. These machines are designed with maximum productivity in mind, and equipped with the performance to keep up with the highest output forage harvesters.

    Heavy duty transmission
    • A five-speed 40kph* Ecoshift PowerShift™ transmission is standard on W130 D, W170 D & W190 D models
    • The torque convertor can lock above 2nd gear to ensure 100% of engine power is sent to the axles
    • Incorporating a ‘power-inch’ function, the transmission delivers optimised pushing power whilst eliminating roll back
    • The W110 D is available with a 40kph* four-speed PowerShift™ transmission with automatic or manual gear selection
    • On all four models, the forward reverse shuttle can be operated via a steering column mounted lever or by forward / reverse buttons on the joystick
    • To speed load cycles, releasing the drive pedal will bring the loader to a stop without the need to use the brakes. Even on an incline, there will be no roll back
    • If the brake is pressed, full engine power will be diverted to the hydraulics for full loading performance

    * 50kph with Michelin Mega X-bib 750/65R26, where homologation allows

    New Holland W110 D, W130 D, W170 D and W190 D wheel loaders are fitted as standard with the mighty Z-bar linkage boom, constructed from 45mm thick plate steel. The choice between Standard and Long Reach booms enables the machine to be specified to meet different handling priorities. On W110 D, W130 D & W170 D models, the high visibility Tool Carrier parallel lift boom option is now available.

    Powered by 4.5L and 6.7L NEF High Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction HI-eSCR 2 engines, New Holland W110 D, W130 D, W170 D and W190 D wheel loaders combine proven dependability and class leading economy. Compliant with Stage V emission regulations, the NEF power units have been co-developed with New Holland sister company FPT Industrial, the pioneer of common rail fuel injection and producer of SCR power units proven in agriculture, transport and industry for over 10 years. The latest ECOBlue and HI-eSCR 2 technology employs a newly developed electronic control unit that manages both the engine and the HI-eSCR exhaust to precisely match engine load, emissions and after-treatment. Using a dedicated closed loop system to continuously monitor NOx levels in the exhaust, HI-eSCR precisely monitors the flow of AdBlue. This will achieve more than 95% NOx conversion with minimised AdBlue usage. Whats more, the HI-eSCR 2 system does not utilise a DPF or need to regenerate, so achieves a much lower maximum operation temperature, a critical factor when working with dry flammable material such as wood chips.

    • New Holland offers a wide choice of factory fit tyres for work over paved surfaces or for use over soft ground or working on steep sided silage clamps
    • Wheel fender widths are available to match the selected wheel and tyre package

    A key benefit of the new Stage V compliant D series loaders is the vastly extended service intervals. At New Holland we know a vital machine such as a wheel loader has to be kept in top condition as it is often subject to a busy year round workload and can accumulate a high number of hours in a short period of time. In response to this we have doubled the engine service intervals from 500 to 1000 hours, and similarly increased the service intervals of other fluids and filters.

    The figures speak for themselves, the time saved by not having to stop and service allows you to get through entire seasons uninterrupted, whats more, you can save up to 20% on maintenance costs, a significant saving over the whole life of the machine. When combined with the fuel saving benefits of the new Smart engine work mode, New Holland D series wheel loaders guarantee low Total Cost of Ownership and keep you working for longer.

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W110 D

Max power [kW/hp(CV)]
106/142 @ 1800rpm
PowerShift™ 4 speeds

W130 D

Max power [kW/hp(CV)]
128/172 @ 1800rpm
PowerShift™ 5 speeds “Ecoshift”

W170 D

Max power [kW/hp(CV)]
145/195 @ 2000rpm
PowerShift™ 5 speeds “Ecoshift”

W190 D

Max power [kW/hp(CV)]
172/230 @ 1800rpm
PowerShift™ 5 speeds “Ecoshift”

Technical specifications


FPT Industrial engine
Displacement (l)
No EGR valve is used
After Treatment System
Emissions level
Max power [kW/hp(CV)]
Max torque (Nm)


Axles and differential




Auxiliary hydraulic circuit

Service capacities

Cab protection

Noise and vibration

Electrical system

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