BRAUD 10.90X Olive Harvester on the field


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PRODUCTIVITY & HARVEST CARE The harvest season is now shorter than ever. The new Braud 10.90X Olive models can be set up to work in different orchard in the minimum of time for maximum efficiency.
FASTER & EASY MACHINE PREPARATION The new Braud 10.90X Olive models have been redesigned to minimise machine preparation and costs.
BEST IN CLASS COMFORT & SAFETY Step up into the superb new Braud 10.90X Olive. You will find it has been designed to fit you perfectly.
FUEL EFFICIENCY & MULTIFUNCTIONALITY With new FPT Industrial common rail electronic engines you get improved output and economy.


The new Braud 10.90X Olive are built around proven Braud design DNA and deliver the best harvesting quality and productivity for Super High Density olive orchard. The SDC shaking system with flexible rear rod fixation softly shake and detach the olives. The Noria basket system offers the best respect for the tree and harvested crop. These proven Braud innovations are now designed around more efficient and easy to use solutions, which makes harvesting possible in all Super High Density olive orchard. The result is improved cleaning and performance together with low cost of ownership and day to day easiness to work with.



    Braud 10.90X Olive has been developed exclusively for Picking Super High Density Olive Orchard (SHD). Super High Density Orchard are also designed for mechanising 100% of its picking by the Braud 10.90X Olive. The SDC system (Shaking Dynamic Control) with flexible rear rods, and the Noria collection system are at the heart of Braud DNA, always improving, but still the benchmark in terms of Super High Density olive shaking efficiency, respect for the olive wood, fruit integrity and minimising losses. Braud 10.90X Olive will be your long term best insurance to pick efficiently Super High Density Olive Orchard, in a durable way.


    The Braud 10.90X Olive is powered by ultra-efficient FPT Industrial 6-cylinder Stage V HI-eSCR 2 common rail electronic engines developing 182Hp. Combined with AntiSkid twin lock transmission and IMS 2.0, the power management is both efficient and induce the lowest fuel consumption. FPT NEF engines provide no EGR valve solution, as engine only breath fresh air for better efficiency: as a result, engine power output are equivalent to higher horsepower competition engine, using EGR valves. The best engines on market induce the most efficient pick.


    Braud 10.90X Olive harvester cabs are recognised as the industry benchmark. The cabs are fully suspended and soundproofed for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Pressurised, heated and air-conditioned, the cabs are designed to offer optimum comfort and protection during harvest, spraying and other operations. In like for like conditions, noise levels are reduced by 3dB(A) compared to the previous harvester range, providing the quietest and the most comfortable cab in the market.


    Intelligent and intuitive automation saves time and enhances harvesting performance. The multifunction handle is your right hand harvesting man. All key machine parameters can be controlled, including travel speed and direction, manual levelling and the picking head. The right armrest can be adjusted in length and height, and machine functions can be analysed at a glance courtesy of the IntelliView™ IV touch screen monitor. An interactive handle display will train operators directly on the monitor, teaching and self training all functions and how to activate basic machine settings. Simple and easy. ACS screen will enable to save your preferred picking setting and store for a later recall. Simple and powerful.


    The ultra-wide 26.4cm IntelliView™ IV colour touch screen monitor is fixed on a sliding rail which can move up and down the cab pillar so you can position it just where you want. When compatible multifunction implements are connected, the IntelliView™ IV monitor automatically sets work pages for easier control and management of the machine.


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