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Accessories & Attachments



Every day New Holland develops solutions to make your machine unique and reliable, covering every single demand. From safety to productivity, from comfort to power, our full range of accessories are adapted to your specific activities, packaged into kits and set up by your New Holland Dealer. ​


To better answer customer expectation and because each agricultural task requires specific knowledge, expertise and equipment, New Holland has developed ranges of kits and attachments that are fully adapted to​ new or used machines.

Customised to your different needs, New Holland’s kits are installed by your local dealer to ensure they fit and function perfectly, so that you can excel in each and every task.

Why choose New Holland kits and attachments?

  • Versatile: perform an array of specific tasks more effectively with the right equipment
  • Tailored to your needs: kits and attachments are designed for your machine and installed by your dealer
  • Superior performance: benefit from Genuine New Holland components tested to stringent standards to ensure maximum durability and reliability

Maintenance advice

  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your local dealer who fitted your kits and attachments and knows your machine inside out

For more information contact your local dealer.