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New Holland has developed the all-new Dynamic Command™ transmission following extensive customer consultation and an intensive research, development and testing process.
Designed and built by New Holland, the Auto Command™ transmission is available on the T6.145 - T6.175 4 cylinders models and is now available on the new T6.160 and the T6.180 6 cylinder models.

On top. Around the clock.

The T6 has been designed for today’s modern mixed arable farmers and intensive livestock operations and is packed full of features to satisfy even the most demanding users.

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  • Engineered by design to meet your needs

    New Holland knows that no two farms are alike, so they have developed the T6 range of fully customisable tractors that you, the owner, can specify to suit your individual needs. If you’ve ever dreamed of designing your own tractor, those dreams can become reality with the T6 range.
  • Exclusive Edition

    The Blue Power range was developed for those agribusinesses which are looking for the ultimate in premium agriculture. Here performance and comfort are of supreme importance. Add to these attributes exclusive styling and you’ve discovered the most luxurious tractor range ever. Ultimate comfort, cutting edge technology and eye catching design. If you want your tractor to stand out in the field not only for its performance, but also for its looks, then you’ve found your answer. Available on both Auto Command™ continuously variable and Dynamic Command™ eight-speed semi-powershift transmissions, the Blue Power range is tractor luxury personified.
  • Horizon™ cab. More space, better visibility

    Want all round visibility? Then New Holland’s industry leading Horizon™ cab is the solution. In the yard, in the field or on the road, you have an uninterrupted, productivity enhancing view. Always. The single piece front screen offers a perfect view no matter what the weather or your field throws at you. The sun-visor protects you from the harshest rays. Working with front loaders? The high visibility, fully openable transparent roof hatch, which affords a perfect view at maximum extension from the comfort of your seat. Never lose a grain or suffer a crick in your neck ever again. Whisper quiet comfort is courtesy of a mere 69dB(A) cab noise level.
  • the ultimate ergonomic farming experience

    The T6 Auto Command tractors offer sophisticated features that are easy and intuitive to access. How? Well, we listened to customers and developed the SideWinder™ II armrest to make everything simpler. All key controls are accessed from the armrest. Throttle, transmission and hydraulics. Everything you need to control is intuitively selected. Furthermore, you’re benefiting from SideWinder II know-how perfected on T7, T8 and T9 tractor ranges! It does not take long to master a T6 tractor.
  • The ultimate in farming comfort

    New Holland brings to you the best-in class seat offering, with two different models providing you with a wide and comprehensive choice. All seats benefit from improved cushioning. These firmer, more durable seat cushions provide outstanding comfort whatever the terrain. A standard, full-sized upholstered instructor seat folds down to provide a work surface when not in use.

  • Three levels of factory-fitted accuracy

    When ordering your T6, you can choose between three guidance packages. This means that your T6 will arrive direct from the factory with the exact accuracy level you require. Choose your accuracy level right down to the most precise 1.5cm option. A must for high value vegetable or bulb farming.

    * Using RTK correction signal

  • The power and efficiency you’ve come to expect from New Holland

    Your T6 tractor is powered by an ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR (High Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) NEF engine, which has been developed by New Holland’s sister company FPT Industrial. These engines, which comply with the even more stringent Tier 4B emissions norms, offer you four key benefits:
    Performance: more power, torque, torque back-up and engine power management whilst maintaining outstanding transient response.
    Efficient operation: the fluid consumption (diesel plus AdBlue) will be the same or better than your Tier 4A T6. You will also benefit from reduced life-long operating costs.
    Simplicity: the simpler engine installation ensures a higher power potential and the reduced cooling system delivers more efficient operation.
    Consistency: there will be no change in vehicle operation.
  • Dynamic operation in every operating situation

    The all-new Dynamic Command™ transmission, fruit of extensive customer consultation and an intensive research, development and testing process, is now available on the T6.180 6-cylinder model, in addition to the T6.145 - 175 4 cylinder models. Designed to offer even more gears in the most frequently used operating ranges, this will enable you to perfectly match the speed of your T6 to the task in hand. Furthermore, the ability to deliver near instantaneous direction changes makes field, but especially loader work even easier and more efficient.
  • Efficient Auto Command™ Transmission offers advanced New Holland features

    Designed and built by New Holland, the Auto Command™ transmission is available on the T6.145 - T6.175 4 cylinders models and is now available on the new T6.180 6 cylinder model. This CVT transmission benefits from multiple direct drive points with 100% mechanical efficiency which have been precision engineered to ensure that they perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during cultivation and transport. Advanced double clutch control further enhances efficiency. Quite simply, it is the smoothest and most productive CVT around.
  • Great manoeuvrability, improved traction, higher outputs

    New Holland’s range of axles is engineered to perfectly match your requirements. All T6 tractors can be specified with structurally light but strong front axles to fully exploit a front loader or linkage. An overall maximum gross vehicle weight of 10500kg on all models, when combined with perfect weight distribution and efficient ballasting optimises traction and means you’ve got even more flexibility when using heavy mounted implements or when ballasting. All models benefit from a 2642mm wheelbase which ensures a 4300mm turning radius for ultimate manoeuvrability. All T6’s come with a robust 275mm flanged rear axle as standard. For operations looking for ultimate flexibility.

  • Hydraulic power and PTO flexibility

    The T6 offers 150 litres/minute of flow as standard. If that wasn’t enough, New Holland has engineered the CCLS system to operate at peak efficiency. The benefit? Full hydraulic power is always available at the remote valves and linkage, but only as much as is needed. The result? Reduced fuel consumption. Regardless of how hard your tractor is working, the steering will always remain light and easy to use, and loader cycle times remain uncompromised thanks to a separate 47 litres/minute service pump.

  • 360°: T6

    The T6 range has been designed to spend more time working and less time in the yard. All service points are easy to access, and super long service intervals mean they will spend more time in their natural environment: the field!
  • T6 Dynamic Command™ - Start off gear logic setting

    New Holland "How To" video series: in this episode we are going to look at setting the start-off gear logic on T6 Dynamic Command™ tractors.
    #HowToNH #NHTips

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T6.145 SideWinder™ II DCT Mechnical


T6.145 SideWinder™ II DCT Electronic


T6.145 SideWinder™ II AC Electronic


T6.155 SideWinder™ II DCT Mechnical


T6.155 SideWinder™ II DCT Electronic


T6.155 SideWinder™ II AC Electronic


T6.165 SideWinder™ II DCT Mechnical


T6.165 SideWinder™ II DCT Electronic


New Holland engine*

No. of cylinders / Aspiration / Valves
Compliant with engine emissions regulations Tier/Stage
ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
Fuel System - High Pressure Common Rail
Capacity (cm³)
Bore and Stroke (mm)
Approved Biodiesel blend**
Max. EPM horsepower - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Max. horsepower - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Rated horsepower - ISO TR14396 - ECE R120 [kW/hp(CV)]
Rated engine speed (rpm)
Max. EPM torque - ISO TR14395 (Nm @ rpm)
Max. torque - ISO TR14396 (Nm @ rpm)
Torque rise standard / EPM (%)
Engine Speed Management
Exhaust brake
Diesel tank capacity Standard / SuperSteer™ front axle (Litres)
AdBlue tank capacity (Litres)
Service interval (hours)

Dynamic Command™ 8 step semi powershift transmission

Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission




Remote valves






* Developed by FPT Industrial
** Biodiesel blend must fully comply with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operator manual guidelines
*** Will be the 1st screen on Mech Remote Models, mounted on RHS monitor bracket ****The actual weight will vary depending on spec, options, wheel equipment & ballast
(A) Dimensions may vary slighly from those stated above, depending on tyre brand, pressures, etc. Other tyre options are available from the Factory

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