Through our CSR projects, we are supporting education for Underprivileged children/ female engineering students. Since the children come from underprivileged backgrounds, their education is the 1st sacrifice which their families are forced to make because of lack of resources. The children are unable to continue with their formal studies or forced to drop out from studies. This adds to India’s illiteracy percentage. Without proper education, the children are forced to work at a very young age as daily wage earner. Girls are married off at young age. The vicious cycle of poverty, lack of formal education & stable jobs continues generation after generation.

CNH Industrial through its CSR projects focused on underprivileged strata aim to lead these school children/ female engineering students to better lives by helping them to continue their studies through financial/ scholarship support. These beneficiaries with good education will have better job opportunities, access to better resources, will be able to make better decisions. When they raise their own families, they will encourage, support their children to study, qualify for jobs. These children will then add to the socio-economic growth of the country.


Mission Education: Providing School Education @ Noida

The project support is currently helping underprivileged children to sustain their academics in difficult social & economic circumstances and is motivating them to dream big by continuing with their studies for a better future. CNH Industrial has been catering to the educational needs of 260 beneficiaries under the age category of 5 to 15 years & from class 1-5 at a school at Nai Disha School in Noida. The Mission Education project follows a ‘student-centric approach’ which actively engages the children in the learning process fostering healthy behaviour and holistic development.
Udaan & Unnati NH India

Education Scholarship Support Projects - Unnati & Udaan

CNH Industrial launched 2 new projects in 2022 - Unnati & Udaan, which aim to provide education scholarship support for underprivileged school children, ITI (Industrial Training Institute) students and female engineering students.



With the scholarship support that we provide to Students who have been through any of the below two crisis situations Students who lost their parent(s) / earning family member due to pandemic since January 2020, OR Students whose earning family member lost their employment (or livelihood) during pandemic, the students are able to continue with their studies without having to think about school fees. These students, 100 of them would have been forced to drop out of their education & would have added to India’s uneducated, unemployed numbers. Now they will have a fighting chance to create a positive outcome in their lives.



CNH industrial provides scholarship support to 12 underprivileged Female Engineering Students of Delhi NCR/Pune to help them develop better employability & social kills. Some of these students are 1st Generation Learners. With the scholarship support & training support, these students are able to come up to the levels of their peer from privileged backgrounds, excel in their studies & bag good jobs.

Multimedia digital school NH India

Multimedia Aided School Education

In 77 schools across the country, thousands of students are studying in a more interactive way, thanks to the Multi-Media Aided School Education Project "New Holland Digital Classroom" launched by New Holland brand in 2019 and supported by its dealership network.
This project is based on KYan technology aims to improve educational outcomes by facilitating the overall development of Indian students by giving them access to the world of information and modern teaching methodologies. It intends to catalyze improvement in key development indicators in the local vicinity of its dealers’ operational areas through an education initiative for improving the social capital and economic development, creating access to opportunities and resources.
NH Supports education in India

School Infrastructure Development

CNH Industrial had rebuilt the dilapidated Zila Parishad Primary School at Shinde village, Pune. This has helped in bringing children back to classrooms.