CSR-Sustainable Environment Solution-8

Sustainable Environment Solution / Straw Management

CNH Industrial has collaborated with the Department of Agriculture of the respective Ministries of Punjab & Haryana, Agricultural Universities, Krishi Vigyan Kendra to stop the menace of Crop Stubble Burning by demonstrating" ex- situ" mechanism of straw management. CNH Industrial has entered a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI). This partnership aims to further develop an economically sustainable business model to use crop residue in an eco-friendly way in the states of Punjab and Haryana to find an economically viable solution of Straw Management. Cumulatively, till 2022, 15,892 tones of paddy straw have been baled rather than burnt, cutting CO2 emissions by 30,060 tones.

India generates about 750 million tons of crop residue with a great nutrient potential, out of which 230 million tons is burnt or spoilt. In the very short window between crop cycles, land has to be cleared of paddy straw and stubble quickly. Many farmers resort to burning the stubble, and crop residue are set on fire in Punjab, Haryana & other regions every year. This leads to severe air pollution, generating dangerous smog that engulfs both of these regions and the National Capital Region that includes New Delhi. The smog can cause respiratory problems and lung disease as well as road accidents, and the stubble burning leads to extensive damage of precious soil nutrients that are critical for successful crops. Through its New Holland Agriculture brand, the Company is the market leader in crop residue management with its advanced solutions including Gyro Rakes and Balers, providing a sustainable solution for energy generation through renewable sources in India and curbing environmental pollution by baling & helping in utilization of the surplus crop residue otherwise burnt in fields. Each New Holland BC 5060 square baler can help produce electricity for 950 rural homes for one year in one paddy season. Specialist machinery and training from New Holland Agriculture has helped reduce the polluting practice of stubble burning in two states in India, improving the environment and giving farmers extra income, clean energy and crop protection solutions for their crops.

CSR-Water Conservation Project(5)

Water Conservation Project: Rejuvenation of Water Bodies, Jirnodhar

Jirnodhar (Pond Adoption) project has helped in beautification & recharging of ground water by cleaning of weeds, sludge removal, deepening of ponds, bunding & plantation. The aim is to work together with communities residing along the water bodies to conserve water, the elixir of life. New Holland Agriculture had adopted four ponds in the vicinity of its Greater Noida Plant for Water Conservation and Rejuvenation of Traditional water bodies. The ponds are of approximately 1 hectare each & located at Kheda Choganpur, Surajpur, Devla & Sorkha in Greater Noida.

India is facing a major water crisis. Looking at the current situation, there is a need for a paradigm shift. We urgently require a transition from this 'supply-and-supply-more water' provision to measures which lead towards improving water use efficiency, reducing leakages, recharging/restoring local waterbodies. Groundwater is the source of domestic water supply. Local communities face water scarcity due to low rainfall and injudicious withdrawal of water. Village sewage water drains into existing water bodies, increasing sludge formation, weed development & dirtying the waters, choking up the water eco system.

At CNH Industrial, we take up CSR projects which are focused on sustainability in synergy with its role as the recognized leader according to Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the 9th consecutive year. Jal Sanchay (Pond Adoption), project will help in beautification & recharging of Ground water by cleaning of weeds, sludge removal, deepening of ponds, bunding & plantation. The aim is to work together with communities residing along the water bodies to conserve, water, the elixir of life. Communities residing around water bodies will be sensitized to be the flag bearer of conservation. Training programs will be organized at the village level for awareness creation about Water conservation and maintaining water bodies.
This project assumes immense significance because of the fact that it is targeted at Conservation of Water, hence Conservation of Environment leading towards protecting lives & leaving a better future for our children who are threatened by the destruction of resources that we are indiscriminately indulging in.

Objective of the project:

  • To harvest & store rainwater for domestic use & ground water recharge
  • To reduce the effects of drought
  • To contribute in reducing the water scarcity problems
  • Develop greenery around the ponds.
  • Behavior changes of community for better waste management
  • Leverage ponds to sensitize the development authority for creating better drainage system around the resident colonies

Maintenance of Median & Roundabout

Taking the baton of its "Green Initiatives" further, New Holland has adopted & taken up the Maintenance of Median & Roundabout opposite its Greater Noida Plant New Holland believes that One more Tree means much more shade, much more oxygen, much less pollution & better health for our future.
CSR-Environment- Go green & Beautification drive(2)

Go Green & Beautification Drive

We have undertaken the Go Green & Beautification Drive CSR Project in Pune, opposite to our Pune Plant. The project is aimed at environment care drives, maintenance of the road stretch in front of plant, tree plantation, their maintenance, construction of traffic Island (road circle), colouring of tree pits and associated activities.