Unnat Kaushal - Towards Prosperity with Skill Enhancement

CNH Industrial recognizes the dearth of job opportunities & related lack of employability skills prevalent in rural/suburban areas. It is working to provide employability skills to youth by training them as operators of farm equipment like Tractors, Sugarcane Harvesters, Balers and other implements.
Skill development is an important driver to address the issue of lack of skills, opportunity and poverty reduction by improving employability, productivity and helping sustainable enterprise development and inclusive growth. India is facing a paradoxical situation, where on the one hand, youth entering the labor market have no jobs; on the other hand, industries are complaining of unavailability of appropriately skilled manpower. Our Skill Development initiatives are bringing about a socio-economic change in the lives of the trainees they are training, their families, communities/societies/villages that they live in. When an unemployed youth is provided employability skills & is facilitated to have a job/ self-employment, his salary/income not only provided for his BPL family but also increases his spending capacity which in turn promotes sales at community shops. The trainees' siblings/children are able to continue their studies as a steady source of income can support them.



CSR-Unnat Kaushal- Farmers skill in KArntaka

Unnat Kaushal - Farmers Skill Training in Karnataka

This project aims at training poor, medium farmers & youth to enhance their employability skills as operators of tractors, implements & also to fulfil the demand of the skilled workforce in various Custom Hiring Centres in Karnataka.

CSR-Unnat Kaushal - Sugarcane Harvester (SCH) Operator Training

Unnat Kaushal - Sugarcane Harvester (SCH) Operator Training

Harvesters and Farm machinery operators are very important components in the cog in the harvester machinery ecosystem. Operator's acumen and understanding of the machine they operate, and proper preventative maintenance is very important. Considering these aspects, we have undertaken the Unnat Kaushal - Sugarcane Harvester Operator Training programmer at KVK Baramati.

Unnat Kaushal - Mechanized Farming Training

CNH Industrial in association with Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani aims to build the capacity building among farmers and rural youths through skill development so as to provide them employability skills along with technical knowledge for Mechanized Farming.


Farmers residing in 3 villages of Rowmari, KismatBanchar and Rakhyanaswar of Kamrup District, Assam were provided with agricultural education for using & adopting new methods of farm mechanization techniques in a sustainable manner to enhance income, livelihood opportunity and food security in villages to gain self-dependency (Swavlamban).