DiscCutter™ L og DiscCutter™ C

De sideforskudte DiscCutter™ L modeller med 3,11 meters skærebredde er udstyret med et fjederpåvirket aflastningssystem som reagerer på jordtryk og giver ensartet stubhøjde.

Topmoderne produktion

Vigtige produktionsprincipper med meget høje standarder for kvalitet overholdes af engagerede medarbejdere, så New Holland altid kan levere overlegen kvalitet, holdbarhed og driftssikkerhed.

Historisk høj kvalitet

Det vil være fair at påstå, at New Holland har ændret landbruget inden for dette område med revolutionerende teknik.



Robust knivbjælke

Knivbjælken er en af slåmaskinens vigtigste komponenter. Alle modeller har en knivbjælke med lav profil, med en meget glat underside og en stor bæreflade, der sikrer lavt marktryk, hvilket både beskytter marken og afgrøden under høsten og giver hurtig genvækst. Endvidere betyder den lave profil, at afgrøden kan slås med 40 mm stubhøjde, så du får høstet mere afgrøde.

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Knivbjælkens vredne knive kan skiftes nemt og hurtigt med et specialværktøj. Det er nemt at vedligeholde maskinerne, da dette foregår oppefra. Navene med lejer kan afmonteres nemt, så man får hurtig adgang til vedligeholdelse.

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Forskellige typer crimper

Customers can choose from three different conditioner configurations
• PE Finger available on all models – these flexible Polyethylene fingers are highly flexible, light and require minimal maintenance. Ideal for those producing cattle fodder, if a finger is lost in the crop it will not harm livestock or a forage harvester.
• Steel Flail available on DicsCutter L and DiscCutter C Models – durable and strong, the steel flail conditioner is ideal when working in stony or sandy ground, as it will resist stone shocks and has been design to withstand extreme wear.
• Rubber roller available on DicsCutter L and DiscCutter C Models – has been designed with delicate crops in mind, such as alfalfa and clover. Thanks to the gentle conditioning action, fodder value is maintained.

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Tailored conditioning

Dependent on the crop, its moisture content and ultimate usage, the degree of conditioning can be quickly and easily adjusted from one single handle.

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Ideal swath formation

Thanks to the higher driving speeds, made possible by the 85% conditioning width, better shaped swaths are formed, leading to more efficient overall operation – ideal when the mower is being directly followed by a baler or forage harvester.

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TopDry™ feature

This impressive feature, available on DiscCutter™, DiscCutter™ L and DiscCutter™ C models fitted with PE fingers or Steel Flail conditioners, enables the wide spreading of crop – over 85% of the cutting width. It delivers a higher degree of conditioning, by actively forcing the crop into the conditioner. The wider swath exposes more of the crop to the air to minimise drying time – ideal when working unsuitable weather conditions. The degree of top drying can be adjusted with one handle.

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Productive gearbox technology

The 360° gearbox has been designed to deliver tight turning performance on headlands and can turn through a full 90° circumference to draw bar, without causing any vibrations.

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Topsafe™ system

When working in stony ground, the TopSafe™ feature delivers outstanding performance. If the mower comes into contact with a stone or a protruding obstacle, the cutterbar is automatically lifted over the obstacle to avoid a potentially damaging collision. As a result, damage is reduced and machine life is increased. The sensitivity of this system is controlled by adjusting two springs with a dedicated tool. This enables the mower to glide freely across the ground, no matter its undulations, as well as delivering uniform stubble height and encouraging regrowth. This system does not impact on the ground pressure system.

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A multitude of features

The entire DiscCutter™ L & DiscCutter™ C trailed mower range benefits from disc cutterbar technology, the TopDry™ system as well as different types of conditioner; choose between PE finger, steel flail and rubber chevron rollers to suit your operation.

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Two passes in one

The optional DuraMerger™ system is perfect for double swathing applications. This system enables you to lay double swaths which makes subsequent operations more efficient with fewer infield passes, increasing daily throughput.

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Productivity boosting central drawbar

The central drawbar concept enables fields to be mowed from either the right or left-hand side ensuring the entire width of the mower is always used. Furthermore, it prevents any tapering, therefore, when directly baling or foraging, in-field passes are maximised. In fact, in-field capacity can be 15% higher because working the field from one side will shorten headland turning time and increase mowing productivity.

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Easy adjustment

To ensure quick and easy adjustment, the following parameters can all be adjusted by using just one tool
• TopSafe™ system
• Ground pressure
• Stubble height
• Degree of conditioning

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Lower ground pressure

In order to protect the crop and to facilitate regrowth, the DiscCutter™ C & DiscCutter™ L Range has been designed for compatibility with large flotation tyres to minimise ground compaction.

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Ease of operation

A range of features have been included to make operation even easier and include
• A solid parking jack for easy hitching and unhitching.
• High ground clearance, ideal when working with heavy and voluminous swaths.
• Hydraulic engagement of transport position.

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