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Optimum visibility on board is ensured by the cabin windows, the first key point in the safety cycle. To stay safe at all times while operating the machine, having excellent visibility is absolutely essential. Only Genuine New Holland cabin glass provides all the necessary advantages

Why choose New Holland Agriculture GENUINE WINDOWS
SAFETY - all Genuine windows are made of tempered and/or laminated glass
COMFORT - UV reduction, heat resistance and islolation reduce temperature inside of the cabin
EASE OF FITTING - Products that have been approved and guaranteed offer the same quality and dimensions as the component installed when the vehicle was manufactured.

USE SOFT AND NON SCRATCHING MATERIALS TO CLEAN to keep visibility during full lifecycle of the glass
KEEP IT CLEAN use recommended detergents to clean your machine windows
CLEAN AND CHANGE WIPER BLADES WHILE USED to avoid scratches during bad weather conditions and keep visibility all of the time

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