Hydraulic Filters

Genuine Hydraulic Filters for protection & performance.


Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic systems are constantly developing. Ever higher pressures and shorter cycles increase the constraints on the components. These become worn, thereby increasing the level of harmful contaminants in the oil that can cause the system to malfunction. To ensure that the oil retains all its qualities over time, thereby guaranteeing the long life and performance of the hydraulic system, the filtration system must be efficient and perfectly reliable.

The filter’s primary function is to trap all particles that have an abrasive effect on the components of the hydraulic system such as the pump, control valves, cylinders and hydraulic motor.

Why choose New Holland Agriculture HYDRAULIC FILTERS?
TOP-LEVEL EFFICIENCY - The filtration capacity of a genuine NEW HOLLAND is up to 60X greater than that of the adaptable filter.
PERFECT TIGHTNESS - Tightness guaranteed by the inclined gasket and the stop enabling secure mounting.
MANAGED MAINTENANCE - Keen to protect the environment and reduce maintenance times, NEW HOLLAND has created a unique Genuine
support & cartridge system
MINIMUM PRESSURE DROP - With equal pressure drop, the Genuine NEW HOLLAND filter has a higher oil flow rate.

The benefits are as follows:
- Better protection of the hydraulic system
- No overconsumption in case of cold starting
- A higher retention capacity for a longer service life
- Finer filtration offering better protection

• To optimize your performance, change your filter every year (every 1200 h)
• Save money by getting your filter as part of a New Holland maintenance kit
• Never clean or reuse the filter was this may cause irreversible damage to your machine.

IT IS RECOMMENDED TO CHANGE THE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM OIL. For more information, please refer to your machine’s maintenance manual.

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