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Warter Priory, Northern England

CR9.80 & CR10.90

After a successful demonstration from New Holland, Warter Priory decided to purchase three new combines. The CR10.90 and two CR9.80’s were purchased to harvest the 2400 Hectares in the ring fenced Estate located in the East of Yorkshire. With 2018 being the first season for all three combines, Mark Richardson the Farm Manager was impressed with the output of the machines. A custom to running four machines previously, going into the 2018 season with three combines could be seen as a leap of faith. However, farmers would simplify the logistics by running larger fewer machines. The output of the three CR combines were “comparable to the four previous machines” said Mark. The 2018 season was “trouble free” in terms of breakdowns and were able to get the harvest completed quickly and efficiently.

Every farmer knows the time constraints when growing malting barley. “It is important to get our malting barley off before it brackles” Mark insisted. This was no issue for Mark as the performance and capacity of the machines allowed the ground to be covered quickly. Mark adds that there was a “noticeable performance difference between the CR10.90 and the CR9.80’s” with the CR10.90 producing 700hp.

With the Estate being a very popular sporting estate, the farm has curfews of when the machines are able to work. With this in mind, it was key to the business for high output combines to perform reliably. “The projected running costs will be lower than before” Mark added.

To ensure efficient operation during harvest season, “flexibility is essential to the business, by being able to run all three combines together or split them apart depending on logistics of grain handling and distance to grain store” was very important to Mark. Grain quality is a major factor for cereal crops. “the performance and grain sample was good” according to Mark. With the 2018 season being a very dry year, Warter Priory decided to swath the majority of the crop but did chop some. With the twin rotor technology New Holland offer, the gentle threshing allowed the straw quality to be of high quality. Mark adds “the straw quality was very good with it still in one piece” pleasing customers. When the chopper was engaged, “the spread width was very impressive and quality of chop was impeccable”. To ensure losses were kept to a minimum, Mark commented that “it was very good that you can drop the chaff spreader out of the way to do loss tests”.

All three combines were equipped with Smart Tracks with Flex technology which Mark and the Combine operators praised highly as they are “very smooth on the road and in the field when working which made the ride very comfortable”. With the land being a very important factor of the business, the fields must be well looked after to optimise the crop performance and machine performance. When working in the field, Mark noticed that the tracks did not scuff or damage the ground when turning on the headland. It wasn’t just the flex track the operators were impressed with. “The cab is comfortable, quiet and good vision” operator Wayne Terry stated. The ease of maintenance was important to the operators as time saving is essential. “It was quick to do maintenance in the morning and is easy to blow off after a day’s work” Wayne commented.It was not difficult to make the transition to New Holland”. Chris Seaman the CR10.90 operator adds that “the controls are simple and explain themselves”. Feeding of the crop into the combine is essential to maximise the performance and output. “Very impressed with the feeding of the 41ft Vari-Feed header and was a lot easier to use than previous” Chris insisted. After finishing a day’s work, Chris stated that the “stone trap works well and all contents drop out when opened”.

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