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Michelin participates in New Holland Agriculture’s Sustainable Farm Pavilion at World Expo Milano 2015

• Preserving soil quality and nutrients through sustainable farming practices
• A sustainable collaboration on display

New Holland Agriculture and Michelin consolidate their long-standing relationship with a collaboration at the Expo Milano 2015: the leading agricultural tyre manufacturer will hold talks about protecting soil from the adverse effects of compaction in New Holland’s Sustainable Farm Pavilion. Michelin has also provided the agricultural tyres mounted on the New Holland machines on display to illustrate the important role they play in preventing soil degradation by compaction. “New Holland and Michelin have a long history of close collaboration,” commented Carlo Lambro, New Holland Agriculture Brand President. “Both brands share a deep concern for soil preservation, so it was a natural step for us to invite Michelin to participate with us in a prestigious event like Expo Milano 2015 that focuses on sustainability. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for New Holland to promote our vision of the sustainable farming practices that will enable modern agriculture to feed the planet well into the future, and Michelin is providing its considerable expertise in tyre technology to prevent soil damage from compaction.”

Preserving soil quality and nutrients through sustainable farming practices
At its Sustainable Farm Pavilion, New Holland takes visitors on an interactive journey through the world of agriculture, bringing the general public closer to farming and helping them understand the importance of mechanization in the food supply chain. New Holland’s vision is based on sustainable and efficient farming practices that, together with innovative technologies, enable farmers to grow high quality produce to feed the world’s population and generate clean energy to power their farms and local communities.
Mechanisation that prioritises the preservation of the soil’s structure and nutrients is central to New Holland’s vision of a sustainable future of agriculture. It shares with Michelin its concern for minimising the adverse effects of compaction on soil and crops such as the reduction in soil aeration and water absorption, and the consequent disruption to crop growth that results in lower yields.

“New Holland’s concern for preserving the quality of the soil runs through our research and development activities, resulting in solutions and technologies that can be found across our product range,” added Mr Lambro. “Just to mention a couple of examples, our Precision Land Management technologies prevent overlapping passes in the field reducing ground compaction, and our T7 Series tractors provide excellent traction without slippage and lower pressure on the soil with their excellent power-to-weight ratios of up to 25.8 kg/hp.”
The choice of the right tyre and adapted tyres pressure are also critical factors in preventing soil compaction, and this is where the partnership with Michelin comes in. Its tyre offering is designed to ensure the best solutions for sustainable and productive farming.

A sustainable collaboration on display
The machinery on display at the Sustainable Farm Pavilion demonstrates the successful partnership of well designed equipment and the right tyre technology: the T6 Methane Power and T7.270 series tractors, the CR 9.90 combine harvester and Braud 9060L grape harvester on display all mount Michelin tyres.

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