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New Holland Explains Important Role of Biomethane in its Vision of a Sustainable Future for Agriculture

• New Holland reaches wide audience at Expo Milano 2015 with its vision for sustainable agriculture
• New Holland’s Methane Power tractor and the role of biomethane in sustainable agriculture
• New Holland’s commitment “for healthy, safe and nutritious food for all”: the Charter of Milan, legacy of Expo 2015

New Holland has a long history of researching and promoting the role of agricultural mechanization within a sustainable future for agriculture, through precision farming, equipment supporting conservation agriculture, training in sustainable farming practices, and alternative energy sources. This year the brand is taking its message of sustainability to new audiences at the Expo Milano 2015, progressing the development of its methane powered tractor prototype and formalizing its commitment to stepping up its contribution to feed the growing world population.

“Since launching our Clean Energy Leader strategy in 2006 we have been very active in promoting our views on sustainable agriculture,” commented Carlo Lambro, Brand President New Holland Agriculture. “Our presence at Expo Milano 2015 enables us to take this to a whole new level, providing us with the perfect platform to reach an exceptionally wide audience with our vision of how we can contribute to a future where the production of quality food, clean energy and profitability are all part of a virtuous cycle, as shown by our Energy Independent Farm concept.”

New Holland reaches wide audience with its vision for a future of sustainable agriculture
The brand’s vision of agriculture, presented as an immersive and interactive experience at its Sustainable Farm Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015, is proving to be a huge attraction. With more than 100,000 visitors in just over a month since opening, New Holland’s message of sustainability is reaching a very diverse public of all ages from around the world, as well as many dealers and customers coming from all over Europe. Future generations are also learning about agriculture and the importance of mechanization in the food supply chain, as many schools are visiting the Sustainable Farm Pavilion.

Among the sustainable agriculture principles explained in the Pavilion is the importance of preserving soil quality and nutrients. New Holland invited leading agricultural tyre manufacturer and long time partner Michelin to collaborate in presenting practices that minimize the adverse effects of compaction on soil and crops. Michelin provided all the tyres mounted on the New Holland machines on display at the Sustainable Farm Pavilion: the T6 Methane Power and T7.270 series tractors, the CR 9.90 combine harvester and Braud 9060L grape harvester.

New Holland’s Methane Power tractor and the role of biomethane in sustainable agriculture
The new generation of alternative energy sources is central to New Holland’s Energy Independent Farm concept that is being piloted at the La Bellotta farm and presented at Expo Milano 2015. The objective for the farm is to generate the energy it needs from crops grown on the farm to run its operations and farm equipment. New Holland has made progress in developing its Methane Power tractor and the first prototype is on display on the roof of the Sustainable Farm Pavilion. The second generation prototype is based on a New Holland T6.175 standard tractor and features a 175hp (129kW) Nef 6 engine developed by FPT Industrial that delivers 740Nm torque. The nine gas cylinders have a total capacity of 300 litres (52kg) compressed methane, sufficient for all of a tractor’s complete normal operations for approximately half a day. The second generation Methane Power tractor can bring fuel cost savings of 20% up to 40%. In terms of environmental performance, it has 80% lower polluting emissions than a standard Diesel tractor and is already capable of fulfilling future greenhouse gas targets, which are expected to require a 20% reduction across Europe by 2020.
CO2 emissions can be further reduced by using biomethane, that is methane derived from biomass. The switch can be made without changes to the tractor or the fuel distribution network, which opens up great opportunities for achieving overall greenhouse gas reduction targets. In the context of an Energy Independent Farm, which can grow the biomass to produce its own biomethane, not only could CO2 emissions be eliminated, but fuel cost could also be cut by as much as 40%.

New Holland’s commitment “for healthy, safe and nutritious food for all”:
the Charter of Milan, legacy of Expo 2015
With its wide reach, Expo Milano 2015 will certainly do much to raise awareness amongst the general public of the challenges that world agriculture faces . An important legacy of the Expo will be the Charter of Milan, an act of commitment signed by citizens, institutions and associations to provide healthy, safe and nutritious food for all. As a CNH Industrial brand, New Holland commits to doing its part, Carlo Lambro will sign the Charter of Milan on behalf of the Group.

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