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New Holland Introduces Efficiency Boosting Features and Upgrades to its Precision Land Management Solutions

• New IntelliSteer Lite assisted steering system adds versatility to the IntelliView IV monitor
• New IntelliView™ IV features further improve efficiency
• New FlexCommand-7 tablet makes precision farming portable
• New Autopilot Drive extends autoguidance offering
• PLM® Connect Telematics integration with Trimble Connected Farm maximises both systems’ capacity

New Holland introduces new features and upgrades to its PLM Precision Land Management solutions that will help farmers and contractors increase their efficiency further.

“Large scale farmers and contractors are constantly striving to increase their productivity and manage their operation as efficiently as possible,” says Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management. “We have introduced a host of upgrades to our PLM solutions that will help them with this. The new functionalities on our IntelliView IV monitor will enable the operators of their flagship tractors and combines to optimise their coverage of the field; the new FlexCommand-7 tablet, which is an entirely new concept that combines tablet and precision farming capabilities, will provide more flexibility for our customers; and the integration of PLM Connect with Trimble Connected Farm will allow a two-way flow of data between the two systems, so that our farming customers will get the greatest benefit from both.”

New IntelliSteer Lite assisted steering system adds versatility
A new IntelliSteer Lite assisted steering system that utilises the existing vehicle steering wheel will become available in the first half of 2016 for T6, T7, T8 and T9 tractors and CX and CR combines, and other brands platforms utilising the IntelliView IV display. The system will use the same user interface as New Holland’s existing IntelliSteer flagship AutoGuidance product. A variety of platform kits will be available to fit both New Holland and other brands equipment. The new assisted steering system can work in reverse and at a minimum speed of 1.6 kph, which is ideal for vegetable growers and general applications where low speed is required.

New IntelliView™ IV features further improve efficiency
The new End of Row Turn feature, which will become available in mid-2016, enables the operator to choose the direction of the turning sequence simply by selecting it on the IntelliView IV display the first time. From there on, the system will automatically calculate the optimal turn path. Together with the Headland Turn Sequence II system recently launched, it will completely automate the working sequence in the field and the selected paths of work. With End of Row Turn the operator can focus entirely on controlling the implement when close to turning at the headland, decreasing operator fatigue.
Once work on the inner area is completed, the operator can work the headland with the new Headland Last feature for IntelliView IV, which also enables operators to square headland corners. And with the new Tram Line Exclusion feature for IntelliView IV, the operator can set up, edit and highlight predefined tramlines. These three features will become available in early 2016. Another new feature of the IntelliView IV display, which will become available in mid-2016, is ISOXML data compatibility. This allows Open ISOXML communication both into and out of the IntelliView IV monitor. This provides improved compatibility for growers, their agronomists and advisors. In addition, from early 2016, to further improve compatibility the IntelliView IV will be able to directly import generic shape file formats to view and utilise prescription maps and guidance lines without the need for any conversion.

New FlexCommand-7 tablet makes precision farming portable
The portable, rugged and connected FlexCommand-7 tablet offers functionalities of traditional displays and is capable of ISO Universal Terminal (UT) support. Growers can move the FlexCommand-7 tablet from one vehicle to another, take it back to the office, or home. It can connect to a portable receiver by Bluetooth and has integrated Wi-Fi. It is the first commercial grade mobile entry level precision farming solution capable of ISO UT, manual guidance, Task Control (TC) section and rate control, based on the Android platform. This is the first tablet on the market that offers a dual use, as the farmer’s own tablet device and as a PLM display with precision farming functionalities.

New Autopilot motor drive extends autoguidance offering
A new electric motor drive assisted guidance option is now available for Autopilot, in addition to the existing full hydraulic and factory ready solutions. Autopilot motor drive offers high precision automated guidance with centimetre accuracy and includes reverse, slow speed and fast line acquisition. It is easy to install and transfer between vehicles.

PLM® Connect Telematics integration with Trimble Connected Farm maximises both systems’ capacity
The integration of PLM Connect and Trimble Connected Farm enables a two-way flow of agronomic and machine performance data between the two systems. Utilising an open API, the 2 platforms are free to exchange data with the customers permission within a secure environment. Data recorded on Tasks executed by New Holland machines in the field are available in both portals; machine data such as open CANBUS parameters can be accessed on the Connected Farm portal, and information recorded on Trimble displays can be viewed on the PLM Connect portal. With this integration, which will be available in the first half of 2016, customers will be able to access all their data in a single web based interface, making it easier to monitor their operation efficiently and make informed decisions from the office to the field.

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