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New Holland launches Stage V compliant W170D and W190D wheel loaders

​• Hi-eSCR2 technology: Stage V compliance, power and fuel efficiency
• New Tool Carrier versions: ideal for multi-tasking on the farm

New Holland Agriculture is introducing its HI-eSCR2 technology on the two models at the top of its wheel loader range, the W170D and W190D. With this solution, the wheel loaders comply with Stage V emissions standards while maintaining the machine’s powerful performance and outstanding fuel efficiency. The W170D is now also available in Tool Carrier version, ideal for multi-tasking on the farm.

Enrica Oderda, Head of product marketing Europe, said: “The D series wheel loaders are designed for large-scale farmers, contractors, composting operators and biogas farmers where loading performance is critical. The engines pack a powerful performance delivered with excellent fuel efficiency. Now featuring HI-eSCR2 technology, the two top models combine this with an even better environmental performance.”

Hi-eSCR2 technology: Stage V compliance, power and fuel efficiency
Stage V requirements focus on particulates resulting from combustion, lowering the limit of Particulate Matter by 40% compared to Stage IV and introduce a new limit for quantity. New Holland achieves this reduction with the IH-eSCR2 technology developed by FPT Industrial, which relies on a Selective Catalytic Reduction on Filter to break down NOx into nitrogen and water by injecting urea, while Particulate Matter is oxidised by NO2.

With this solution, which doesn’t have Exhaust Gas Recirculation, the engine delivers the same performance benefits of excellent transient response, low rpm torque and fuel efficiency that New Holland’s Tier 4B wheel loaders stand out for. In addition, the catalyst management strategy ensures that the after-treatment system maintains its efficiency with minimal impact on the machine’s operation.

This maintenance-free system requires no filter replacement or mechanical cleaning of components for the entire lifecycle of the machine, resulting in lower operating costs and less time for maintenance.

An additional advantage of the HI-eSCR2 solution is that it requires no layout our dimensional changes compared to the Tier 4B after-treatment system, so that the excellent visibility of the D series wheel loaders is maintained.

New Tool Carrier versions ideal for multi-tasking on the farm
The W170D and W130D are now available in Tool Carrier version, featuring the TC loader boom that combines high lifting capacity and self-levelling kinematics to deliver a high loading performance and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range. Superior visibility on the quick coupler allows the fast and safe change of attachments, resulting in excellent multi-tasking capability ideal for livestock and mixed farming, cash crop farming and biogas plants.

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