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New Holland’s Service Van stops at SIMA 2019 to showcase its innovative aftermarket solutions

In its Aftersales area, New Holland Agriculture will display an extensive range of parts and services, unveiling all advantages of its latest leading precision technologies from the AGXTEND™ range, designed to provide customers with unprecedented profitability

“La Proximité du Service” (the Proximity of Service) will be the main theme for New Holland’s Aftersales area at SIMA 2019 in Paris, highlighting its commitment to be always close to the customers’ needs with innovative, tailor-made solutions aimed at increasing their efficiency and satisfaction.

From February 24th to 28th, a dedicated Service Van will be displaying New Holland’s extensive offer of parts and services: Genuine Parts will be present as the best assets for every machine and tractor, strictly tested to maintain their full potential year after year and guarantee high performance, total safety and maximum productivity. With enhanced parts availability, customized assistance and the support of expert technicians, Genuine Parts ensure every machine is back to action in record time.

New Holland will also bring its Remanufactured Parts, the ecological and guaranteed solutions for the owners of ageing machines, who are looking for affordable alternatives benefitting from as-new quality and warranty. Through cutting-edge technology and the unrivalled know-how of New Holland’s specialists, Reman Parts are produced to the highest standards, while offering an eco-friendly option thanks to the lower environmental impact entailed by the remanufacturing process.

Among the greatest news of this edition of SIMA will be the official release of the AGXTEND™ brochures. AGXTEND™ is the new leading platform of innovative precision technologies, designed to enhance every stage of the cropping cycle with exceptional productivity. The brochures will unveil all the main advantages and features of the first five products from the range: CropXplorer, the high-accuracy optical sensor able to capture both biomass and Nitrogen needs for crops; SoilXplorer, the advanced soil sensing solutions using electromagnetism to determine soil type maps that can function as a real time variable tillage control; NIRXact, the advanced sensor that uses spectrophotometry to determine materials composition; XPower, the electro herbicide that uses high-electric power and electrophysical engineering to minimize chemical herbicides and eliminate undesirable plants effectively; FarmXtend, the smart app enabling infield weather data monitoring through three main sensors – one for temperature and humidity at a meter height and at crop level (WeatherXact PLUS), one for rain gauging (RainXact PLUS) and one for soil moisture and temperature recording at two different depths (SoilXact PLUS). The CropXplorer, SoilXplorer and XPower technologies can be viewed first hand in New Holland’s PLM area, respectively fitted on T4F, T7 and T4 tractors.

Visitors will then have the opportunity to learn more on the latest “Great Price, Great Saving” Field Pricing project, aimed to provide customers with more competitive prices by repositioning New Holland’s products based on the specific environment and needs of every market. The initiative has been currently applied to a selection of filters, glass and seats, and is planned to be gradually extended to other parts families as well. So far, the initiative has already produced interesting results, with an average price reduction of 10% compared to 2018.

New Holland’s Aftersales area will further feature a totem on Service Zenh “extended warranty” and Service Pack “maintenance contracts”, respectively offering coverage of breakdown cost after base warranty period and a professional maintenance program. Both services are especially designed to keep the machine efficient and ready to perform its daily job, while saving money and time, and ensure peace of mind to the customer.

Another totem will focus on New Holland’s Harvest Masters and Tracteur Masters exclusive programs. The former is addressed to customers purchasing New Holland Agriculture Combines, Big Balers and self-propelled Forage Harvesters since 2013; the latter to the ones buying Tractors High Horse Power (HHP) since 2018. Harvest Masters and Tracteur Masters members are supported by dedicated teams, providing prompt assistance throughout the year. They are further invited to periodic meetings hosting special workshops for operators with a focus on the correct operation and proper maintenance of the machine.

New Holland also offers a Fast Track Assist priority assistance service for its flagship ranges (CX and CR Combines, Big Balers, FR Forage Harvesters, T9, T8, T7, T6 Auto-Command and T6 Dynamic-Command), which can be activated through the MyNew Holland™ app. A designated team is active 24/7 to manage the requests, relying on a Priority Parts process and dedicated transport round the clock, 7 days a week, to reach a fast resolution. The service, which is free of charge for 5 years, has shown that it is able to solve more than 80% of breakdowns in less than 48 hours.

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