The entire T4 PowerStar™ range boasts 3.4 litre Common Rail F5C engines developed by FPT Industrial that comply with the stringent Tier 4B emissions regulations. Advanced Common Rail technology delivers precise fuelling for optimal response and has also reduced fuel consumption by up to 13%. This super-quiet engine develops up to 75hp(CV) and up to 309Nm of torque for guaranteed productivity and operator comfort. The flat power curve between 1900-2100rpm maintains maximum performance for longer. Throw in a power-to-weight ratio of just 30.4kg/hp(CV) and the T4 PowerStar is your perfect farming partner. The entire range uses a particulate matter catalyst (PM Cat) for Tier 4B compliance, which requires minimal maintenance and zero regeneration. This further enhances efficiency.

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In order to meet the even more stringent Tier 4B emissions regulations, advanced PM Cat technology has been used. Put simply, the PM Cat it is a particle separator which is located in the exhaust system downstream of a diesel oxidisation catalyst. Particulate matter, or soot, contained in the exhaust gas, passes through the PM Cat and when it touches the walls it is burned off. This filter never blocks due to the high flow of exhaust gasses. The simplest system around, it requires no operator intervention and never requires fuel sapping regeneration. Trust New Holland for simple solutions which help you and the environment.

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More responsive tractors. Lower fuel bills. This is the result of Common Rail technology. As your T4 PowerStar receives precisely the amount of fuel it requires, maximum power is now sustained between 1900-2100rpm for enhanced operating flexibility. The optimised combustion process also results in more efficient engines which are better able to respond to your demands. Common Rail. It’s common sense.

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Advanced engineering design means lower maintenance demands. The T4 PowerStar’s already industryleading service intervals have been further extended by 20% to 600 hours, making them 100% longer than their competitors. Choose New Holland to save money, downtime and to protect the environment.

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The introduction of Common Rail and PM Cat technology has reduced the T4 PowerStar’s fuel consumption by up to 13%. Quite simply, thanks to precision fuelling, fuel use has been optimised when compared to existing T4 PowerStar models.

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New Holland are not going it alone when it comes to Tier 4 technology, they can draw on the experience of their sister company: FPT Industrial.
Pioneers: Fiat invented Common Rail technology in the 1980s and brought it to the masses in 1997 on the Alfa Romeo 156. They were the very first to introduce it on agricultural machines on the TS-A tractor. Pioneering. Always.
Cleaner: Fiat SpA for the last five consecutive years has the lowest average CO2 emissions of any automotive manufacturer in Europe. Cleaner. Everywhere.
Proven: FPT Industrial have already produced over 125,000 F5C engines during the last five years. Reliability. Confirmed.

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