Every farmer has different requirements, and intelligent innovation also means offering tried and tested solutions to improve your efficiency. Therefore, a choice of transmissions mean that if you live life in the fast lane, or like to take things slow, you’ll always been able to find the perfect solution for your operation.

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The column-mounted electro hydraulic Powershuttle can be operated without having to take your hand off the wheel for increased safety during loader work. You can even regulate the aggressiveness setting with an ergonomically positioned switch on the B pillar. Select soft for general field work, standard for daily tasks and the super aggressive position for nearinstantaneous direction changes during loader work. Want more? You can even change the setting whilst on the move.

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The 24x24 Dual Command™ transmission features a Hi-Lo Splitter full load powershift. Activated on the move, it increases the amount of torque at the wheels in road transport situations to prevent slow down on hills and is ideal for demanding field conditions as it offers a 15% reduction in forward speed to increase available torque by up to 18%. The exclusive PowerClutch button, ergonomically located on the back of the gear lever, shifts between eight speeds in the three main ranges without the need to depress the clutch pedal for reduced fatigue during long working days.

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