Improved stability. Faster travel. Better comfort. Greater control

Combining the powerful action of Terraglide™ front axle suspension, Comfort Ride™ cab suspension and suspended seat, you can experience a smooth ride, whatever the road or soil conditions, with great benefit in terms of comfort, driving pleasure and reduced fatigue.

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Upgraded Terraglide™ front axle

The Terraglide™ front axle suspension uses the ‘Skyhook’ concept, which keeps the tractor level during all applications. The suspension reacts to acceleration, braking, the implement being raised, to name but a few, and the suspension is then momentarily stiffened or softened to counteract the action being carried out. An accelerometer mounted at the front of the tractor monitors any chassis movement from uneven surfaces and continually adjusts the damping. The suspension can be operated in soft, normal or hard mode.

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Comfort Ride™ cab suspension and suspended seat

The automatic two-stage Comfort Ride™ cab suspension system provides proven operator comfort. It’s designed to complement the cushioned ride offered by the standard air-suspension seat to reduce fatigue.

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Improved safety. Faster turns. Better traction. Greater performance.

Transport is becoming more and more an essential part of everyday work. T7 tractors feature robust heavy duty axles and the premium ABS antilock braking system: your guarantee to come to a full stop in the fastest and safest way. Back to the field, sooner or later you will have to turn. Why not do it in the shortest time possible? The exclusive ABS SuperSteer™ system can do it for you without churning up your headlands.

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Advanced braking technology

The antilock braking system manages each wheel’s brakes individually to improve stopping power when transporting heavy equipment. On Power Command models, a hill holder engages the brakes to prevent the tractor rolling back during hill starts. A heavy duty braking option can also be specified.

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Tight turn productivity

Want to enhance the already excellent steering performance of the T7 front axle? Go for the ABS SuperSteer option. This system allows the tractor to turn on a sixpence by pivoting on a controlled and slowed down rear inside wheel, resulting in tighter, faster turns and lower soil disturbance and compaction.

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Exhaust brake option

Ideal for intensive transport applications, exhaust braking is available across the entire T7 range.

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Advanced traction management

Terralock manages drive to the front axle and engage and release the differential locks automatically. During a headland turn or moving from work to transport, Terralock will unlock the differentials and four wheel drive without operator intervention.

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Anti-jack-knifing technology

T7 Auto Command™ models feature technology to counteract jack-knifing, further enhancing safety. When decelerating on a low friction surface, the operator can push the forward shuttle button on the CommandGrip™ handle, locking the transmission. The tractor is then slowed using the brakes only, ensuring that the trailer is also decelerated.

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CustomSteer™: variable ratio steering

The optional CustomSteer™ function puts you in control of steering wheel inputs. Through the IntelliView™ monitor or via a dedicated switch, you can control just how many turns of the wheel are required to lock-to-lock functionality. If you want to conduct tight turns, say when turning on the headland or when conducting loader work, you can programme the tractor to deliver lock-to-lock turning with anything as few as one complete steering wheel revolution, instead of the standard four. Saving you time and effort.

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