BR6090 COMBI Balers



Rapid bale transfer

For sustained field productivity, the fast powerful transfer fork lifts the bale onto the wrapping platform. The tailgate is closed and baling is able to continue with only a few seconds delay. The wrapping operation can be fully automatic so that ejection, wrapping and unloading is completed without operator involvement. Alternatively the semi automatic mode can be selected, in which case an audible and visual signal informs the operator that a completed bale is ready to be ejected. The single push of a button then starts the sequence.

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Reliable wrapping

The twin 750mm film satellite arms have three selectable speeds for fast wrapping and optimum film use. To avoid the film being snatched or torn, the satellites revolve slowly at the start of the wrapping process and progressively speed up. On the wrapping table, a steel conveyor chain ensures positive bale rotation, while four carefully designed centring rollers protect the film from damage.

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Saving time when clearing fields

When the knives have cut the film, the bale can be immediately automatically unloaded, or the operator can be informed that the bale is ready to be unloaded. The bale is then dropped by a single push on a button any time before the next bale is ready to be ejected and at a place chosen by the operator. Additionally the Combi can also be used as a two-bale accumulator.

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Safe unloading

Two pivoting rollers at the rear of the wrapping table, prevent the bale from rolling backwards when working on steep slopes. Once the bale is wrapped, the wrapping platform tilts and the special rollers pivot down to form an unloading ramp. Film damage is prevented by a ground pressure sensing roller, which rolls down the stubble where the bale is to be placed.

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